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Music is used to bathe the ear, how should we adjust the music player to the best state? Where is the adjustment? Small series to tell everyone in our QQ music has a equalizer, the following small series to tell you how to adjust the QQ music equalizer how to achieve the best results

First we find the Equalizer, click "Set" = "view" = "Equalizer"

We'll have to adjust the parameters when we find the equalizer. Open the equalizer after a variety of different effects, including rock, dance, fresh, blues and so on, you can listen to different songs to set up, you can also be on the right side of the FM set on their own oh here to say some equalizer set the skills, We can probably guess the type of song when we listen to music, soft music can be classical or fresh, rock of course is to take rock, if it is like the feeling of the night can try dance music and reverb (heavy low)

Finally to say the volume of things, do not put the volume of the QQ music player too large (will affect the quality of the song) can not exceed 100%, recommended set in the Chand around advisable.

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