QQ friends-function: "online stealth" and "invisible to it"

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Qq2009 has two important functions that are often easily overlooked, namely "invisible to it online" and "invisible to it ". When we were on QQ, we could choose to go online or hide ourselves. What should I do if I want to treat some QQ friends specially? Well, let's take a look at the "online stealth" and "invisible to it" that cool QQ tells you "!

What is the "online stealth" function?

As a matter of fact, a friend with a fast mind should know the name at a Glance. Online stealth means that I am going online, but I don't want some friends to know that I am going online, in other words, if you set online stealth for a friend of yours, people all over the world will know that when you get online, they will be waiting for you to go online .. Oh, it's funny!

How to Set "online stealth"

This function can be set only when it is online. Set QQ to online first, right-click the friend you want to hide, and a menu will pop up, click "Set permissions" in the menu. In the pop-up Level 2 menu, click "hide online. In this way, no matter whether you are online, your friends will never see you online.

What is the "invisible to it" function?

As mentioned above, stealth is visible to you, even if you are in stealth state, but if you set stealth to make it visible to a friend of yours, your status in your friend QQ is online. In other words, if you are invisible to a friend and no one in the world knows that you are online, you will know that you are online. Oh, you understand!

How do I set "invisible to it "?

This function can only be set in the stealth state. First, set your QQ to the stealth state, and then right-click the friend you want to hide to. A menu will pop up, click "Set permissions" in the menu and click "invisible to visible" in the pop-up level menu. In this way, no matter whether you are online or invisible, your friends always know that you are online.

Well, here are the two features. I am cool pig from cochao QQ station. I hope this article will help you.

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