QQ group level integral how to brush QQ Group Brush Integration Skills

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Integration rules:

1, the first thing we have to get is the basis of the points, according to the latest Tencent official rules, every day into groups and members of interactive chat, can get a maximum of 5 basis points, this relatively easy.

2, the second scoring factor is the day integration coefficient, integration coefficient with the basis of the multiplication, integration coefficient from your one months of active, active days higher score higher. The current factor can not be queried, but Tencent backstage will give you calculations.

3, the third point is that in mobile phone QQ and other group of friends PK, a maximum of 5 points can be scored every day. Click on the group friend Avatar or title can enter such as PK page, win the next day will give you add points

4, the integral calculation formula for the day to get points = the basis of X-day integration coefficient + mobile phone QQ PK gain points. So we can work on this three bucks right now.

View points:

Enter the group chat page, see the Gear Set button, click Open, click on members can query members and their own level points.

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