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Send a text to ask a gentleman: Do you think QQ has any bad use place? Answer Yue: Usually just chat, do not feel what is bad. As an ordinary user, QQ design seems impeccable. There are two possible reasons for this: first, its design is perfect, impeccable; second, the user has adapted to the design of QQ itself, so feel no good place.

The author's view is that the QQ design tends to perfect, but not without regrets, the user does not feel the shortcomings of QQ that the design has been very good usability, but do not rule out the user habits of the factors. This paper will focus on the core functions of QQ "instant Messaging" to explore the shortcomings of QQ design-although these deficiencies in depth users do not seem to be too much usability problems, and put forward a number of "icing on the cake" suggestions. The author will discuss the Leslie of a new user to try to avoid the possible influence of the user's habit.

The friend request--friend reservation function

Leslie just applied for a QQ number, a friend also did not. He happened to get a QQ number of a friend A, and immediately added him. The process of adding is simple, and the final system tells you that you need to confirm your friend request. Leslie waiting for several days, still did not receive a confirmation information. A maybe not on QQ these days? or a friend request? or a ignore my request (I press: ignore the friend request, the system will not feedback to Leslie)? Leslie So, decided to resend a friend request. However, he found that the QQ number of a has already lost!

Thinking and Suggestions

A friend request is like a drifting bottle thrown out, you cannot see any information about the friend on the QQ panel until the other party confirms it. But the accident is always, sometimes you have to send the request again, at this time you have no TA's number-again?

QQ need how to improve, help Leslie solve this problem? In fact, it is very simple, to have been added/to confirm friends set up a friend reservation function: After the friend request sent, that is, in the QQ panel to add the friend entry, and marked "to confirm friends." At this point, you are still not good friends, when the friend request is invalid, the system will remind the user whether to resend the request or delete the friend reservation (I press: The request invalidation includes the request to be ignored caused the request to expire, the simple request expires, the request is rejected; No feedback is given to Leslie), and if the other person accepts a friend request, the friend is added to the appropriate contact list.

You invite friends to eat at home, in advance, according to the number of seats, vacant--QQ friend reservation function is very similar to this situation, in the friend confirmation request, the system has reserved the seat for the friend, just waiting for people to come.

Did you send the picture??—— User's demand for information symmetry

Leslie successfully added a few friends, he began to excitedly chat with Meimei B. Leslie found a beautiful picture, he immediately sent to B. But a little later, B said the picture sent failed to see the picture. Leslie is very puzzled, because his side clearly see the picture successfully displayed in his chat window. Later Leslie slowly know, oneself see not necessarily is each other sees, sometimes the network speed is too slow, the picture may send to fail, but oneself but can't see. After Leslie develop a habit, each send a picture, he will ask each other: Send the past?

Thinking and Suggestions

QQ provides users with the "Instant Messaging" service, which also contains two layers of meaning: "Instant" and "communication". "Communication" is communication, communication requires both sides to express the text/pictures and so on "lossless" in the form of transmission to each other, on the basis of communication can be smooth. Lenovo to the daily life of the phone situation, sometimes this side can hear each other's voice, but due to network reasons, their own voice is not sent to each other there, this will result in asymmetric information, communication efficiency and then decline. QQ send picture function of the interactive design should take into account this should be the symmetry of information, to avoid the picture sender mistakenly think that the picture sent successfully and in fact the picture has not loaded or failed to load the situation.

"Instant" means that the instant and synchronized information is visible, not that the picture should be sent "immediately", but that the sending status of the picture should be presented to both parties immediately. In the current QQ design, even if the final picture loaded successfully, the picture sender does not know the loading time, this will also cause the communication is not synchronized problem. Therefore, the system should ensure that both the sender and the recipient see the picture sent a few percent, as well as the final sending status.

In fact, the QQ file transfer function is designed like this, and most mobile phone MMS also support the sending status prompts and feedback.

A blank Chat window--The user's need for communication continuity

Leslie a boring look at the latest contact list, and recently he has talked to a lot of friends. He decided to talk to his friend C again. After opening the chat window, Leslie not know how to start this chat. He was really interested to know when he and C had last talked, and what they had said in the end, so that they might find some topic. But the chat window is blank, he had to click the "Message Record" button to see the two chat records.

Thinking and Suggestions

Leslie encountered this problem is not really small, click a button can be done, but reflects a crucial issue: the user's inherent need for continuity of communication. When you meet an old friend who's been out of touch for years, one of the things you'll be sure to say is: When was the last time we met?—— was that important? Look, it's really important! Just a point in time that means "friendship" to the user and a node of memory This node triggers a follow-up conversation between two people: what have you been doing all these years?

In the QQ chat situation, even if chatting with someone, we may be accustomed to send a sentence to turn off the chat window, wait until the other side back to open the window, then the problem arises: I can't remember what I said just now! If the system does not provide users with the previous part of the chat record, users have to click the button once more, See for yourself. Therefore, the individual believes that QQ should be automatically in the Chat window to show the two sides of the last chat time and part of the chat record, so that the user can save a click, but also to the two sides of the dialogue "connection" up, conducive to communication.

Sorry, wrong!——. The cognitive load and user illusion caused by the merge session window

Leslie is delighted to find that QQ2012 can merge the conversation window, as often open at the same time N Chat window QQ control, he is very welcome this function, because he does not have to worry about too much chat window occupy limited taskbar space, more importantly, switch between the different chat window becomes easier.

But Leslie is not very satisfied, because he often sent the information to the wrong people, which led to his QQ words and a more: Sorry, sent wrong! Gradually, he was in the chat some inexplicable worry, each send information before will look at the top of the Chat window, confirm the correct before pressing the Send key. In the end, he found that the inconvenience to the merged conversation window was greater than the benefits, and he turned off the feature.

Thinking and Suggestions

The original intention of the session merging is good, also conforms to the concise principle of the software design, but should consider before trying to be concise: After the window merges, the Chat window's switch is easy enough, does not consume the user's cognitive resources excessively? Will the user be "not accustomed" to cause more wrong hair behavior? Does the benefit of window merging outweigh the disadvantages? In fact, after merging the Windows, the user actually spends more cognitive resources than before when the window is switched-although the mouse path gets shorter, this is largely due to the design of the contact button above the window is not easy to click, the window color is the same, the distinction is too small, Easy to cause the wrong hair behavior.

The author thinks that the following visual improvements can be made: first of all, the merged window in the Contact tab to increase the size, combined with the browser tab design, so that the distinction between the tab is more obvious; Secondly, the chat window under the different tab to do some color distinction, which is conducive to the user identification of different contact people, Reduce the user's cognitive burden.

In addition, a merged chat window may create an illusion for the user: I'm talking to a group of people, and I'm worried about what I said to a was heard by B-which may sound absurd and incredible, but it will become more and more intense when you repeatedly experience the embarrassment of being wrong. Let's just imagine the chat window as a separate chat room, then the merged Chat window will be perceived as a "one" chat room, this chat room sits a lot of people, this group of people, although there is no "communication", but users will produce "walls of ears" illusion.

In this sense, merging windows may affect the user's chat experience, which can do more harm than good.


In the perfect thing to look for the shortage, itself is a very nitpick thing, but the perfect is endless, I hope this discussion article for QQ designers to provide some new perspectives and views, so that QQ closer to perfection. User experience can be quantified, however, most of the views of this article based on the author's own thinking, inevitable loss of bias, I hope that we have to discuss the inadequate and doping too many personal judgments, put forward their own opinions, we common progress!

Author information

Hong Hongda, Master of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2013 graduate

Tencent Micro Blog: t.qq.com/haohongda1988

Article source: Tencent Big Lecture Hall

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