QQ Plus Friend request failed solution

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QQ software users to the detailed analysis to share the QQ plus Friend request failed solution.
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QQ Plus friend Submit request failed is what's going on
1, the network is not stable;
2, add friends too many times, QQ daily rules can only issue 20 plus friends request;
3, QQ belong to each other blacklist, can not add each other.
4, maybe the other side in the system settings set up "to deny anyone to add me as a friend."

QQ Plus friend submit request failed how to solve
1, if the network is not stable, we can try again later;
2, if the number of friends reached the upper limit, then add friends the next day;
3, if the other side will you pull black, it will need to add your QQ to the other side of the line;
4, if the other person refused to add a friend, it is necessary to modify the permissions of the other party Oh!
Okay, the above information is small make up to you QQ this software users to bring the details of the QQ plus Friend request failed solution to share all the content, you see the users here Small series believe that everyone now that is very clear the solution to it, Then you go to the small part of the above to share the way to try to solve the next look at the effect of it.

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