QQ Space does not open the yellow diamond free dress up? QQ Space dress do not open yellow diamond free to get tips

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QQ space out of print dress do not open the yellow diamond free access method

1, into the space to decorate the topic area, to find our goal. Click on the picture to dress up.

2, then enter the single product area business card area. Then turn to page Nineth.
3. Click on the only Out-of-print business card on page Nineth of the dress. Then click Save in. At this point you will find out that the Out-of-print dress up is successful!
Note: As long as it is out of print dress can use this method for free dress up Oh! I have personally tested a few, no problem.

Official access Method:

Can enter the dress up space, through the pay yellow diamond purchase.

Into the dress up space-> Dress up Mall-> topic, click "Get Out of print" and in the topic page to pay one months yellow diamond will be able to obtain the out-of-print dress, Out-of-print dress is valid for 2 months (different dress use period is different).

Note: Even if it is yellow diamond QQ number (yellow diamond must be paid by prepaid form), get out of print still need again in the dress up page to pay one months of yellow drilling can be obtained, temporarily did not give the interface, only their own account to buy;

Warm tips:

1, to participate in the QQ space or other activities will be able to get the spatial out-of-print dress up, the validity range (not sustainable fee), specific please see the corresponding description;

2, different topics provided by the Out-of-print dress is different, the time limit snapped up after the expiration of the purchase is not supported.

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