QQ transfer file speed is very slow but the network is not slow

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QQ transmission file too slow solution

Method 1: Change the network

If uplink bandwidth is subject to ADSL networks, the best solution is to replace the network with faster uplink bandwidth. Now the whole country in the popularization of fiber to households, if the use of optical fiber, theoretically can reach 20m, the highest to 100m, and upload and download is symmetrical.

Method 2: Adjusting equipment

If it is because of the company's router or firewall restrictions caused by the small weave on this also have no way oh. Some companies are more stringent management, will be the company's staff access to the Internet to do certain restrictions, some restricted port will affect the QQ receive files slow. In this case, we recommend that you find the company's network management administrator to ask whether the restrictions can be adjusted.

Method 3: Off application

If the above two points are not, but temporarily slow, you can see if the use of other programs caused by the low available uplink bandwidth caused by, such as Peer-to-peer mode of download software will occupy a large uplink bandwidth, other similar file tools if also in the transmission file operation will also occupy. You can turn it off for a while and try to see if the speed changes.

Method 4: Pass in seconds

Finally, QQ also provides a intimate function to reduce your part of the problem of sending files slow, that is, file seconds pass. You send the file if by comparison, file Relay server just have the same public files, you can exempt from the upload operation, directly to the receiver from the server to download. So if you send a movie, install a package and other common files, not because of poor uplink bandwidth tension, as long as the second pass hit, you can get a second to fix the sending process

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