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Some time ago, I studied ogitor and got a qt sdk, which was shocked by its amazing capacity. After two weeks, I was able to use it, but it was all code written by, this is a joke because the project cannot be built in QT creator.

Today, when I was working, I changed the imageset editor to deal with wxwidget again. I had to use dialogblocks (I first invented wxwidget but paid for it). I think of QT again when I use it, in fact, the two are basically the same type of theme. The usage methods include many similar concepts, but QT obviously has better support and better GUI theme, in short, I mentioned my interest in studying QT. After all, I only used it the last time. This time I had to study it in a famous place.


So today I met "cocould not find make command: mingw32-make.exe In the build environment", and I chose to add "D: /3 Party/QT/2009.05/mingw/bin "(to be honest, I cannot figure out how Nokia missed this details). The result is-no !!! Funny again!


When I was desperate, I chose to disable QT creator. After it is started again, it can be compiled correctly !!! According to the prompts, it seems that because QT creatorhas not detected configuration modifications, it cannot find mingw32-make.exe. Even if I have set environment variables, I can only once again wonder how Nokia ignores such a user's usage habits, finally, I can. I should write some QT experiences later :)


The UI library used since I worked in detail is really full. It is not necessary to say that MFC has learned win form before, the biggest achievement was the recognition of bcgcontrolbar, which was very promising and effective for the MFC Mod. Then, the wxwidget (read cross plantom UI programming through the ceguilayout Editor) is used, and then the celayouteditor is transplanted to the MFC + BCG, which means that the code of 95% is actually rewritten, to be honest, this open-source software is the worst quality I have ever seen. Its bug volume is so great that it is easy to use, in the first month of my work, I have basically fixed its bug. Now I really feel like it. A good code style is really important !!!


I have been working for nearly nine months. Now I feel like this is the case for the UI Library (90% sure enough ), this should have such a function (90% taken seriously). The conclusion is that all the UI libraries are the same. At least there are a few differences in functions, just in what way. The cegui has been added for more than half a year. It is enough in the ui!

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