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The Standard file dialog box has the following functions: QString qfiledialog::getopenfilename (    * parent=0,      Const QString &caption=QString (),    const QString &dir=QString (),     const QString &filter=QString (),    *selectfiler=0,// the filter selected by the user is returned    by this parameter Option option=0// Select the format of the display file name, which displays both the directory and the file name by default )
voidWidget::btn_click () {/*getopenfilename () open window is modal window*/    /*parameters not included*/    //QString s=qfiledialog::getopenfilename ();    /*with parameters * The first parameter is the pointer to its parent window * The second parameter is the name of the open window * The third parameter dir, which is the default open Directory when the dialog box is displayed, * "." represents the program run directory, "/" represents the root directory of the current drive letter (Windows,     Linux/is the root directory), * can also be platform-related, such as "c:\\" and so on; * For example, I want to open the Data folder under the program run directory as the default open path, * Here should be written "./data/", if you want to have a default selected file, * Then add the file name after the directory: "./data/teaser.graph" * Fourth parameter filter, is the name of the dialog box suffix filter, * For example, we use "Image Files (*.jpg *.png)" Let it only display suffix name is JP     A file of G or PNG. * If you need to use multiple filters, use ";;" (Here is a semicolon) split , * e.g. "JPEG Files" (*.jpg);; PNG Files (*.png) "; * Fifth parameter selectedfilter, is the default selection of the filter; * The sixth parameter options, is the dialog box parameter settings, * such as only display folder, etc., its value is enum qfiled Ialog::option, each option can be used |    Operations together. */QString S=qfiledialog::getopenfilename ( This,"Open the name of the window","/","C + + file (*.cpp);; C file (*.c);; Head file (*.h)"); /*the user clicked OK*/    if(!S.isempty ()) {         This-Setwindowtitle (s); }}

The Standard Color dialog box functions as follows GetColor () function is a static function of the standard color dialog box Qcolordialog class, which returns the color value selected by the user, the following is the form of the GetColor () function: Qcolor getColor (    const qcolor &initial=Qt::whiye,    *parent=0)
void Widget::btn_click () {    /* header file needs to contain Qcolor and Qcolordialog*/    *      * The first parameter sets the default color, optional     * Second parameter parent window pointer,      optional */     qcolor C=qcolordialog:: GetColor (Qt::blue,this);}

The Standard Font dialog box functions as follows GetFont () function is a static function of the Standard Font dialog box Qfontdialog class, which returns the font selected by the user, the following is the form of GetFont () function Qfont GetFont (     BOOL *OK,    *parent=0)
voidWidget::btn_click () {BOOLOK; /** GetFont () The first parameter must be selected*/Qfontdialog::getfont (&OK); /*The user clicks OK, returns True, the user clicks Cancel, returns false*/    if(OK) {Setwindowtitle ("user clicks OK"); }Else{setwindowtitle ("User Click Cancel"); }}

Qmessagebox class question () function Standardbutton qmessagebox::question (    *parent,// message box parent window pointer     const QString & Title,// message box title bar    const QString & Text , message box text hint information    standardbuttons buttons=Ok,    standardbutton defaultbutton=No)
voidWidget::btn_click () {/** The third parameter is the Settings dialog box has a few buttons, * The fourth parameter is the Setting dialog box is the default selected button is which*/    if(Qmessagebox::question ( This,"Message title","Message Content Entity", qmessagebox::ok| Qmessagebox::cancel,qmessagebox::ok) = =Qmessagebox::ok) {        /*the user clicked OK*/Setwindowtitle ("OK"); }Else{setwindowtitle ("NO"); }}

QT dialog box

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