Qt Interface style settings

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  • Each widget is set to style
      • SetStyle (Qstyle style)
  • Setting Qstyle for Qapplication is for all
      • Qapplication::setstyle (Qstylefactory::create ("Fusion"));
      • If other widgets have not been set Qstyle, the default is to use Qapplication
  • Qstyle Main Overridable interface
      • Drawing complex controls
        • virtual void Drawcomplexcontrol (Complexcontrol control, const QSTYLEOPTIONCOMPLEX * option, qpainter * painter, const Q Widget * Widget = 0) Const = 0
      • Drawing general Controls
        • virtual void Drawcontrol (controlelement element, const qstyleoption * option, qpainter * painter, const qwidget * Widge t = 0) Const = 0
      • Draw the most basic controls (small arrows or something)
        • virtual void DrawPrimitive (primitiveelement element, const qstyleoption * option, qpainter * painter, const qwidget * W Idget = 0) Const = 0
      • All of these interfaces have similar parameters
        • The first is the enumeration value defined in the Qstyle class, with a specific reference to the QT document that represents the type of control you want to modify
        • A few of the following are the name.
  • Get the original Qstyle supported by the current platform

  • You can also customize the style for each widget
      • Qwidget::setstyle ()
  • Modify the display effect of a custom widget
      • Qwidget has a style () interface to get the current Qstyle

  • Custom Qstyle
      • Can rewrite existing Qstyle slightly modified under
      • can also inherit one, generally inherit from Qproxystyle, or Qcommonstyle.
  • Make a custom style plug-in for other people to use
  • The use of Qt style sheet QSS
      • Using the. qss file
      • If a QT style sheet is activated, it encapsulates the style of the widget
      • This is a CSS-like thing
      • Child widgets are also modified
      • You can apply a style to the entire app, and then assign a style to a control
      • This is a top-priority style configuration that overrides Qstyle, or packaging Qstyle
  • The difference between Qstyle and QSS
      • Qstyle is able to rewrite the drawing controls, you can re-set the brush to draw lines, and of course you can just set the background color. For example, the checkbox, which turns out to be a hook, is now turned into a dark

      • QSS change the relative surface point, modify the background color background image or something
      • One change the bone, one skin.
  • Style sheet can be changed in Qtdesigner

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Qt Interface style settings

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