Qt on Android Settings app is named Chinese

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There was a friend in the group this morning asking how to set the name of the Android app for Qt development to Chinese and tried it out in two ways.

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Modify the Androidmanifest.xml file directly

First you need to create a androidmanifest.xml file when you create a Qt on Android project. If you don't know how to create it, refer to my article, "Qt on Android: The whole process of text-to-detail Hello world."

Open the Androidmanifest.xml file in Qt Creator, switch to XML source mode, 1:

Figure 1 Modifying Androidmanifest to implement Chinese application name

Also modify application and activity two tabs, save, Run, OK.

The app on the phone is shown in Listing 2:

Figure 2 List of mobile apps

See, the upper left corner, the "Chinese application" that.

Add Chinese string file

The first approach, in fact, is more violent and undermines the internationalization framework offered by Android. The second method is recommended.

The first thing to do is to create a androidmanifest.xml file, not to mention.

Then open the project directory, locate the Android subdirectory, build the path RES/VALUES/VALUES-ZH-RCN, create a new strings.xml below, and make sure it is the Utf-8 file encoding format. The file content resembles the following:

<?xml version= ' 1.0 ' encoding= ' utf-8 '?><resources>    <string name= ' app_name ' > Chinese app </string >    <string name= "ministro_not_found_msg" > Unable to find Ministro service. \ n the application cannot start. </string>    <string name= "Ministro_needed_msg" > This application requires Ministro service. Do you want to install it? </string>    <string name= "Fatal_error_msg" > Your application encountered a fatal error that prevented it from continuing. </string></resources>

Finally, run your Android project and you can see the same effect as the method.

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Qt on Android Settings app is named Chinese

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