[Qt Summary] Final Summary, qt Summary Final

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[Qt Summary] Final Summary, qt Summary Final

1. content about Qt applications:

Refer to the previous article: [Qt Summary] terminal remote client upgrade

2. Upgrading files is a processing method in hex format: for files in hex format, If You Want To directly read the files, you need to: 1. Read data 2. Find the required data (this step is cumbersome !) 3. Package the required data 4. The complexity of sending is determined by the format of the hex file, for example :[: [Data Length domain ll] [address domain aaaa] [record type domain tt] [data domain dd...] [verify domain cc]
So, can it be unnecessary? Think about single-chip microcomputer. When burning a program, it can be either a hex file, a bind file, or other files. Then, convert the hex file into a binfile and then directly read it, avoid tedious hex analysis and search.
Then, how to convert? Or, the conversion software requires extremely high accuracy and reliability. According to the experience of playing STM32, think of SEFFER J-FLASH, easy to use!

3. Application exe icon Problems
See: Click to open the link

Step 1:

First of all, you must prepare a. ico icon file (Suppose it is qtdemo. ico) and copy it to the project directory (the directory where the. pro file is located ).

Step 2:
In QT Creator, Ctrl + N or File-New File or Project, select Text File in General, and enter the name as the. rc File (such as qtdemo. rc). Write only one line in it:
IDI_ICON1 icon discardable "myIcon. ico"

Step 3:

Edit the. pro file, which should include:
OTHER_FILES + = \ qtdemo. rc
Add another row under it (if there is no content above ):
Qtdemo. rc
Step 4:

Re-compile. All done!

4. Package applications: exe and required dll files

For more information, see: how to package the exe generated by the Qt dynamic link and the dependent dll.

Urgent 4: monthly summary of four group work

This article mainly describes the work content, achievements, and deficiencies, and finally proposes reasonable suggestions or new efforts ......
Reprinted: In summary, we conduct a comprehensive and systematic overall check, overall evaluation, overall analysis, and overall research for a period of time, and analyze the scores, deficiencies, and experiences. The conclusion is a kind of application writing and a rational reflection on the work that has already been done. Summaries and plans complement each other, and should be based on plans. Plans should always be prepared based on personal experiences.
Summary of basic requirements
1. The summary must have an overview and description of the situation, some of which are relatively simple and some are relatively detailed. This part mainly analyzes the subjective and objective conditions, favorable and unfavorable conditions, and the work environment and basis.
2. Scores and shortcomings. This is the summary center. The purpose of the summary is to confirm the score and find out the shortcomings. What are the scores, what are the scores, what are the manifestations, and how they are achieved? What are the shortcomings, what are the manifestations, what is the nature, and how they are generated.
3. Experience and lessons learned. I have always had experience and lessons when I did one thing. In order to facilitate future work, it is necessary to analyze, research, generalize, and concentrate the experience and lessons learned from past work, and raise the knowledge to the theoretical level.
Future plans. Based on future work tasks and requirements, learn from the work experience and lessons of the previous period, clarify the direction of efforts, and propose improvement measures.
Summary Notes
1. Be sure to seek truth from facts, do not exaggerate the score, do not narrow down the shortcomings, and do not resort to fraud. This is the basis for analysis and lessons learned.
2. The Organization should be clear. The summary is written to people. If the organization is unclear, people will not be able to read it. Even if they read it, they will not be able to do so.
3. You need to properly tailor the settings and make them more appropriate. Materials are essential and relevant; they are important and secondary. They should be refined during writing. The problems in the summary should be classified into primary and secondary, detailed, and detailed.
Basic Summary Format
1. Title
2. Text
Start with: Overview, overall evaluation, outline and outline.
Subject: analyze the score defects and summarize lessons learned.
End: analyze the problem and clarify the direction.
3. Payment signature, date
Conclusion of the debate


After two weeks of intense and well-planned organizing by the organizing committee of the debate competition, the one-series debate competition between the two houses finally came to an end in the praise and applause of the students. The Geographic Science Team and the Environmental Science Team stood out, both houses won the championship. This debate competition has a special significance compared with the past: first, it is the first debate competition organized by the former dihuan college branch, reflecting the new image and spirit of the new school. This debate competition was held successfully, it also indicates that the new college has a strong vitality. Second, after the competition, a group of excellent debaters stood out and made good preparations for the selection of the debate team. It should be said that the competition was quite successful. The academic department, as the direct organizer of the competition, now summarizes the competition as follows:

I. Question debate

The debate in this competition involves a wide range of content, but is closely related to daily life. It has both a taste of life and a sense of the times, so that the debater can have something to say and have something to say during the debate. This debate involves love issues, historical drama issues, good intentions and good behavior issues, and environmental protection issues. On the one hand, the life of the debate gives the majority of students room to think about, and on the other hand, the debate is closely linked to the needs of the development of the times, has a strong sense of the times. This makes the entire debate scene brilliant and lively, and after the game, it can lead to people's thinking, giving people a lasting and profound experience. It can be said that the accurate question setting laid a good foundation for the successful holding of the debate. However, the extensiveness of the content and strong sense of the Times also require the debater to have profound knowledge accumulation and extensive social contact.

Ii. Debate procedures

The model of this competition basically follows the new Shanghai model, but the program was slightly adjusted according to the actual situation. Based on the time schedule constraints, the speech time of some procedures has been appropriately reduced, making the entire debate more compact and making the competition more eye-catching. The competition process consists of six parts: Coach statement, argument, attack debate, free debate, audience question, and summary statement. First, the coach gave an explanation of the Team's analysis and understanding of the position and the design of the logical framework. Then, let's start with a debate and use the most refined language to clarify the basic position, logical framework, theoretical basis, and factual materials of the party, the next step is the comparison between the attacking debate and the brilliant free debate, followed by questions from the audience, and finally the conclusion of the four arguments. The establishment of the competition procedure takes into account both "debate" and "theory". It not only provides sufficient space for both parties to make a wonderful discussion, but also fully demonstrates their meticulous logical framework, they also provided a stage for both sides to fight against lips and tongue and face each other. In the question stage, the enthusiasm of the audience can be mobilized, and the interaction between the debater and the audience is enhanced. However, some problems were also exposed during the competition. During the attack and debate stage, many debaters did not know much about the attack and debate rules, resulting in considerable confusion and the settings of the attack and debate problems were not clever enough, this makes the entire attack and debate a little dull and not brilliant. During the free debate stage, both parties were not highly targeted. From time to time, there were not many wonderful conversations.

Iii. Debate style and level

The debate competition focuses on the debate. In general, the Competition is quite good. In addition to the beauty of the language, you should also pay full attention to your own image and demeanor, so that the audience can enjoy their eyes and ears. Some debaters are endless and exported into chapters. Some debaters are calm and sedated, have a strong style, and some debaters are witty and lively. They are all made up of articles, opening the eyes of the audience and judges. However, there are also some problems. Some debaters have not noticed respect for the other party and have slightly attacked the other party. They will pay close attention to this issue in the future. The competition fully demonstrated the sharp and meticulous Logic Thinking Of The debater. Both the arguments and the arguments were brilliant. In general, this debate competition is not only arrogant, but also arrogant.

In the debate field, there are also some unexpected ideas, exaggerated personalized language, and typical texts. The Wonderful words of the Pearl River are both vigorous and feminine, which makes the audience deeply aware of the profound and witty nature of the debater.

Iv. On-site atmosphere and audience response

Another highlight of this debate is the audience. The audience was very lively and always applauded. In the audience's question stage, some questions are also quite typical and targeted. In addition, some audience members are very talkative when they ask questions, and the questions also involve various aspects. The scenes are very enthusiastic, make the atmosphere tense and interesting. In addition, a full text... is also provided.>

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