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Chinese March 7, 2007, the grand start of the Chinese network to increase 100 million registered capital. It is understood that the starting point after the increase in capital will further increase the support of the original author of the network, which will launch the "quadrillion plan" has aroused great concern. Pole Chinabyte This special interview the beginning of the Chinese network general manager Wu Wenhui.

Pole chinabyte: First of all to the beginning of the 100 million to increase the capital to congratulate! Got a big investment, can you talk about your mood at this moment?

Wu Wenhui: Thank you! For the starting point, the grand 100 million increase in capital, not only proved that the starting point since the grand acquisition of their own value has been affirmed, and the most important thing is also for the future development of better conditions. Further increase to the original author's support, mining better content to serve more users, explore a better business model and so on, these are the starting point of the future opportunities and direction.

As the first original literature site in China, we thank the vast number of netizens, literature enthusiasts for our support for a long time. I think, this grand increase of 100 million, not only for the starting point, and especially for our users, authors, should be a good news.

Pole chinabyte: How do you understand this is a good news for users and authors?

Wu Wenhui: In fact, after the start of the capital increase, I have already told some media friends that the starting point will be to launch a "quadrillion plan". The plan is to carry out the comprehensive development of thousand people training and the comprehensive welfare scheme of "million-dollar protection" based on the "billion capital increase". Through the "quadrillion program", we return our authors and readers, optimize the creation environment of original Web authors, encourage more outstanding original literature content, and contribute to the prosperity of Chinese original literature.

Pole chinabyte: "Thousand people training" of the Comprehensive Development plan, is not the previous period of time to arouse concern "network author of the Advanced Literature creation seminar"?

Wu Wenhui: First of all, thank the media friends for our attention. Indeed, this workshop is part of our plan. In cooperation with the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, we employ renowned professors and writers to teach, and carry out various activities such as collecting folk songs, research and special seminars. The starting point will be the best and most popular readers are sent to this class in batches to improve their humanistic quality and writing standards. The starting point will be responsible for their full or partial scholarship. At present, the class is enrolled in the first batch of students, enrolment is very enthusiastic, and will begin in early April.

In addition to this workshop, our program also provides opportunities for more online writers to recharge, such as the starting point will be for all and the site signed thousands of authors to improve writing and literary literacy of correspondence, network training, lectures and other training courses, fully give them training and development opportunities.

We will regularly organize the authors to travel around the world to enhance their understanding of the harmonious society, enrich the writing material.

Pole chinabyte: What is the object of the protection of the comprehensive welfare scheme of "million-dollar security"?

Wu Wenhui: Like "thousand", this "million" we are mainly targeted at the original author of a comprehensive welfare program. After the increase in capital, the starting point will be in various ways to improve the treatment and welfare of original authors. One of the most critical measures is that the starting point will promise all the starting point of the signing of the author, in the completion of the contract signed with the beginning of the premise, the starting point will give them a year not less than 10,000 yuan of income guarantee. Our intention is also to relieve the writer of the worry of life, to create better original works. At the same time, we will provide writers with personal health insurance, and other welfare measures to protect their writing environment.

For the outstanding authors, we also have the material and spirit of the incentive measures.

Pole chinabyte: What are the commercial objectives of the Quadrillion program besides encouraging original literature?

Wu Wenhui: The beginning of the reason to become a successful profit of the commercial web site, and tens of thousands of netizens to participate in the inseparable. So the first thing we have to do after we get a capital increase is to repay the readers and the authors, which is the origin of the quadrillion plan. Therefore, the plan is entirely cost-input. Of course, these investments in the long term will also be transformed into a more large-scale development and commercial profits, but the starting point will, as always, and the vast number of online literature enthusiasts to share.

Pole chinabyte: In addition to the starting point, is there any internet company that has a similar plan?

Wu Wenhui: We welcome fellow internet companies, and we are doing a good try in this area together.

Pole chinabyte: In anticipation of the starting point, what resistance does this plan encounter, or does it not encounter any difficulties or obstacles?

Wu Wenhui: At present, our "network author of the Advanced Workshop on literary creation" is very enthusiastic enrollment, in late March we will also organize "Hainan Folk songs" activities. Because many activities are the first time, and are "offline", but we will do our best to make the authors satisfied.

Pole chinabyte: Are there any specific measures to address these difficulties?

Wu Wenhui: Starting point is a web2.0 platform, we and the vast number of readers, the author of the ups and downs, will also work together to solve the problems of development.

Pole chinabyte: What is the status of Quadrillion plan in the overall layout of the starting point?

Wu Wenhui: "The quadrillion plan" is in fact as much work as before the starting point, and it is a goal to better support the original author and create a better original literature content. But because of the 100 million increase in capital, so the plan laid a broader, more forceful, longer duration. We hope to succeed in accomplishing this plan, which will be a new "starting point" for the starting point and even for the entire literary world.

Pole chinabyte: "Quadrillion plan" is the starting point to get 100 million of all the work done after the increase in capital?

Wu Wenhui: Although the starting point has a good foundation for development, we believe that this is mainly due to the support of readers and authors. So we have sufficient funds, first of all will consider taking out more than before to repay the author, service users, especially in the content construction efforts, this is the "quadrillion plan" of the original intention, but also adhering to the starting point of the consistent style.

Of course, we will also be in the business model innovation, overseas market development and other aspects to make some attempts, and do all these things the most basic source of power still comes from netizens. All of our excellent authors, excellent works, are from the beginning of such a grassroots web2.0 platform emerged. It is precisely because this platform has been millions the participation of hundreds of millions of netizens, it really highlights the vitality and attractiveness of the starting point, but also really let people feel the charm of original literature.

Pole chinabyte: Thank you, Miss Wu, let us have a more comprehensive understanding of the "quadrillion plan." Believe that this is a gospel for the entire network of literature, and hope that the project will be carried out smoothly. Starting point will also stand in the 100 million after the new starting point, to create more brilliant results.

Wu Wenhui: Thank you!

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