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Many people think that project managers are always accompanied by "ideals and honors". In fact, as a project manager who is interested in improving the software development process in China, what they undertake is "hardships and pains ".

Here, I summarize the qualities necessary for the Project Manager through the various phenomena I encountered during my tenure as a project manager. If you do not possess these qualities, it takes years to train him. If the training fails, please switch your position because the project manager is not suitable for you and it is difficult for you to succeed in this aspect.

1. Persistent

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It can be said that in China, if you do not stick to it, you cannot do anything, because when you implement various specifications and management systems in the software development process, you may encounter various obstacles and obstacles. If you do not have the ideas and preparations to cope with setbacks, it is very difficult for you to succeed. You need to know the basic fact that the key to success or failure of project management is: If you don't stick to it, no one will stick to it. It is impossible to count on the support of leaders and the consciousness of the masses. Success can be achieved only by sticking to your faith and trying to impress others.
Stick to success. As long as you decide on the management process, don't regret it. You only have to stick to it, because you have worked hard to achieve 99%, but you don't know, finally, when you decide to give up, it may be when you want to succeed. You must know that when you are about to give up, it may be when the other party is about to give up. You can succeed only by sticking to it.

2. affinity


Affinity refers to the size of your ability to depend on each other and trust each other. Affinity is the foundation for your team to succeed. If a team is not dedicated enough to its own responsibilities, it will accompany you if it fails. To ensure that every member of the team trusts you, you must take the initiative to communicate with subordinates and obtain legal rights for subordinates. Caring for subordinates is to guide their work conditions and development directions in their daily work to avoid detours. They also care about their health conditions in their daily lives to promote the recovery of their health and mental health.

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Finding more subordinates is the lubricant to eliminate misunderstandings, and it is also the only shortcut to understanding the true thoughts of subordinates. If you are a project manager, the handling of some things is indeed different from that of others, which is hard to understand. At this time, we only need to communicate with our subordinates, gradually reach consensus, and strive for everyone's understanding and support. Remember, without the understanding and support of subordinates, you will never be able to standardize project management. This step is very important. I used to spend too little time in this aspect and made many detours. The other is to understand the true ideas of the subordinates. It is helpful for us to constantly improve and adjust the processes so that the production process is more in line with the actual situation of the team. Remember that leaders must respect their ideas and communicate with them. If they are waiting for their subordinates to find themselves, it is generally difficult for their subordinates to share their cards, it's too late to communicate with you. Http://www.mscto.com

Obtaining legal rights for subordinates is an Important Role of the Project Manager. Responsibility is the basic quality of project managers. If you do not often study work data to protect the legitimate rights and interests of subordinates, it is difficult for your team to maintain high efficiency. Once upon a time, our test engineer's work performance suddenly fell by half. After I communicated with him, I found that the company only talked about work time without talking about efficiency. He did not go to work one day, as a result, the company deducted a day's salary, but he actually exceeded 120% of the monthly plan. After learning about the situation, I coordinated with the company and successfully paid back my salary, resulting in a significant increase in production efficiency.


Iii. high moral character


"One individual is an individual, learning from generation to generation ." In this world, the most difficult thing to do is to be a person with high moral character. It is difficult to think of a person with an ideology to achieve success. Even if he gets through a drilling camp, it is only temporary. He cannot achieve long-term success. Only talented people with high moral character can infect people around them, so that the team can be centripetal force, from success to success.

There are three types of people: one is bullying, the other is holding power, and the last is to convince people with morality. A person with a high status refers to three steps and four steps. Naturally, it is impossible to unite people, not to succeed. A person with a high level of knowledge is arrogant or aggressive. I don't know how to "smell a particular sequence, a specialized skill in the industry", and "The ruler is very good and the inch is short". It is difficult to learn higher knowledge, and it is difficult to achieve greater success. Only those who believe in morality can infect people with their own cultivation and moral character, be brave in losing money, be willing to help others, and report complaints by virtue. Only in this way can you make the opposite of the Germans unable to hurt you, and unite to all those who can unite, if you have such an environment, how can you fail.


If you are brave enough to suffer losses, you must first put yourself down. It is impossible for a person to always turn around himself. "People do not mean themselves, and the sky is everywhere" is a universal reaction of the mind of people born after 1980s. But remember that people are first people in society. If they are separated from society, they will not become people. Therefore, only when you abandon your private mind and take the initiative to become a person will others in turn support you and help you.

Helpfulness is a good quality of human beings, just like the singing "The structure of human words is mutual support" in a song ". The management process cannot be maintained by a project manager. You must support it. But this requires you to help others, and others will help you. No matter what happens to a team member, you have to do your best to help him so that the team can continue.

People may be the most difficult to do. The Chinese people stressed that "If a person commits me, I will be a prisoner." In fact, there will not be any real enemies in this case. If we will see the result of the fight in 20 years, most people may feel that it is not worth it. Many people bet that their hopes of success will be wiped out. When you can treat the opposite person with tolerance and kindness, what can block your success?


"To do more, not to do anything. to do more, to do the best in the world, to lose the way, to rebellion against relatives; to fight against relatives in the world; to do this, a gentleman does not fight, the battle will win."

Iv. eloquence


Good eloquence is an essential weapon for project managers to impress project members. Your good eloquence will make you feel at a disadvantage. In those years, Hitler used his brilliant eloquence to conquer Germany and put his "My Struggle" into the hearts of every German, thus setting up the third empire.

To put your project management ideas into the hearts of every project member, you must fulfill the following speech principles:
1. According to the common goals of the project members, they can make sense only by convincing them;
2. Mobilize the audience's senses, such as touch, vision, and hearing. Use the blackboard and posture to assist your content.
3. Constantly summarize the effect and improve the acceptance of your own speech. If the effect is not satisfactory, try to express and describe it in another way.
4. Let the audience learn for the most practical use. Only by actively giving feedback can they listen to your thoughts more deeply.

5. Step by stepSoftware Development Network

Gradual progress, not eager for success, is a must for project managers in project management. In China's CMM process improvement boom, there are only a few enterprises that truly implement CMM management, the improvement process of CMM brings Quality Improvement and efficiency improvement to enterprises.

Why is this happening? Is CMM really not suitable for China? No, absolutely not. It is because the project managers of these enterprises are too anxious to go straight to CMMS 3 without even knowing what is going on. They ignore the objective rules of the Development of transactions and must proceed step by step. If an enterprise passes cmsv4 within two years, I am confident that it will be a purchase expense. If it is optimistic, it will take about two years for a small and medium-sized enterprise to move from cmsv1, large enterprises will only be longer, not shorter, because they need to pay a higher price for training and communication.

As far as my company is concerned, the technology department had only 10 employees, and it took me one year to train CVS version management to become proficient in cvstrac change and process management, it took more than three months to implement finabuild management. It took three months to improve cvstrac into the cvsproduce management and development process, and spent six months on Statistics. During this period, the QA management department was established, the number of full-time project management personnel has increased to 16, and the number of departments is still expanding. We feel that the more scientific and streamlined the management, the finer the division of labor required, and the more people we need. The higher the cost of training colleagues and doing ideological work with these people. The cost of developing and managing software also increases. About two years have passed when everyone can accept process management and make continuous improvements.

"Step by Step, step by step, and then step by step ." This sentence is classicFamous sayingIt also applies to our project management field and will gradually lead us to success.

6. Permanent schoolingSoftware Development Network

"When books are used, they hate less and learn from them ." There is no end to learning. in production practice, I found that the whole project management process improvement is a cyclical process of "Learning-Training-implementation-Problem Discovery-re-learning, if you do not study, the project manager will not be able to solve new problems in real work, and it is impossible to solve the problems from a strategic perspective.


As a matter of fact, you cannot have no goals in your studies. Otherwise, you will learn too much complicated and cannot be integrated. This kind of knowledge provides little guidance for practical work. The real knowledge is a target system, follow the process to learn the required knowledge step by step.

Finally, I will summarize the knowledge required by the Chinese Project Manager:
1. Professional Knowledge: data structures, relational databases, operating systems, software engineering, and compilation principles. (Foreign project managers may not need to know)
2. Management Knowledge: project planning, project configuration management, cost accounting, risk estimation, and performance evaluation. This is something the project manager must understand.
3. network knowledge: Server architecture and various service configurations. Because the management of the building is based on software management, it is impossible to imagine that there is no network for service management.
4. "Crossing the peak, but the other peak is now", this is a constant challenge for the Chinese project manager to continue to study, and move towards a higher peak.


7. Be Responsible


A person has the responsibility to survive. As a person grows older, his or her sense of responsibility will become heavier and heavier. When you are an adult, the law also gives you some responsibilities that you do not have when you are young. At the same time, the status gradually increases, and the responsibility will also increase.

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Only responsible person can generate the value of being a person. The greater the responsibility, the higher the value. In other words, responsibility makes life meaningful. If you do not feel the responsibility, even if you are over 20 years old, you are not an adult.


Therefore, managers are responsible. If they are not responsible, they can leave them alone! The project manager is related to the success or failure of a project. For a company, he must be responsible for reporting the project progress, cost accounting, and quality coefficient in a timely manner. At the same time, he must ensure the performance evaluation and policy implementation of the project team members, reserve Talent reserves and other responsibilities are the most responsible persons in the entire project. If there is no good psychological quality and coping ability, it is impossible to take responsibility.

In actual work, the project manager is mainly responsible for the scheduling, assignment, review, tracking, project plan, project report summary, cost accounting, profit distribution and other responsibilities of the project team.


8. Set an example

An important task of project management is to define various norms and regulations. However, in addition to the implementation of these norms and systems, the implementation of these regulations depends on the persistent implementation of the Project Manager, eloquence propaganda, stress-based training, and proper disciplinary actions, the key lies in the project manager's leading role. If the project manager violates the defined terms, do not expect the team to consciously abide by these rules.

As a manager, setting an example by yourself is the most basic quality. Do not make any excuses for violating regulations or systems. For example, if I am a company, I am only responsible for assessment, I have to violate things that are more important to XX. If "Zhou Gong is set to fire, and no lights are lit," the regulations and systems cannot be pushed into the hearts of the people. If the project manager violates the regulations, only public punishments are aggravated.
A real example. I often arrive late before I work as a project manager. As a result, the entire technical department is not long late. When I became a project manager, I implemented the morning meeting system. In the morning, I went to the company's first half an hour to summarize my work yesterday and discuss my work today. However, due to my habits, some people are always late. I was never late at the beginning. One thing I had to do was to buy breakfast in a long distance to arrive at the company before the scheduled time of the morning meeting, which was seen by many team members. No one will be late until the project is over. Http://www.mscto.com

Therefore, since the authority of the standard system depends mainly on the Project Manager, only by setting an example can we continue to use our outstanding management ideas and achieve the success of the development process improvement.

9. Have prestige

If a project manager is listening to anyone, he/she must rely on prestige. Such prestige depends on his/her own quality, rather than the treasure of others. If the team is forced to execute the project system with the support of senior leaders, it is doomed to fail. Because the team members do not trust you, the surface is obedient, and the actual passive absenteeism is enough to paralyze the process.



You must be confident in your work. Public is public, private is private. In normal times, the key issues can be relaxed, and the Prestige can be established to facilitate work without compromising the relationship between friends.


In addition to the necessary prestige, the most important thing is credit. When the project manager is not absolutely sure about his/her work, do not promise it. Once the commitment is made, it must be realized in any way. Otherwise, it is very difficult to trust your team when credit is lost due to unsuccessful implementation. Software Development Network


10. Good at summing upSoftware Development Network

The project manager must be good at summing up. Only by constantly summing up can the Project Manager constantly improve themselves. The successful tasks should sum up experience, and the failed tasks should sum up lessons. The summary process is the process of continuous improvement, this is also essential to CMM specifications.



The process of summarization should draw more opinions from others, and do not arbitrarily draw their own conclusions. It is perfect to combine the strengths of experts. There are two reasons for this: first, the project manager is not an isolated person, but must be integrated into the team. A process is unreasonable. It is not decided by the project manager, but by the team members, pay attention to the true feelings of team members and continuously improve the process to succeed. Many CMM improvements in China fail, not because the project manager has insufficient knowledge and abilities, but because they have not been summarized together with the team. After years of experience, we found that most of the specifications, you must have a reasonable set of software support to succeed. Otherwise, no matter how advanced your ideal isProgramIt is unrealistic for employees to improve the process quality. Second, the Project Manager cannot be full-fledged and understand everything. Therefore, we need to sum up with those who are different from the specialization direction. For example, a project manager may be proficient in improving the software development process, but does not know how to improve the testing process, network management process, and quality assurance process. These processes directly act on the software development process. At this time, we must discuss with testers, network administrators, and quality assurance personnel to find a feasible improvement solution.


In addition to the above qualities, the project manager must cherish the time, have the courage, and be good at listening. I will not describe them one by one, it is only hoped that you will continuously improve yourself as a project manager, so that the software development process can be continuously improved.

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