Quarrel convention. I am not worried about marriage.

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1. The quarrel is inappropriate for parents, relatives, and neighbors to give faces to each other in public places. <Br/> 2. no matter who is right or wrong, as long as there is a quarrel, the man must gently coax the woman once, the woman can immediately calm down, or when the woman sees the Man wow, the woman can not help wow, the male is responsible for all serious consequences. <Br/> 3. You are not allowed to leave when you quarrel at home. You are not allowed to leave the community without your cell phone or shutdown. <Br/> 4. the wrong party must take the initiative to apologize, and the wrong party must forgive the other party as soon as possible after the wrong party apologizes and compensates. <Br/> 5. when both parties make a mistake, they should review each other. After the apology, the male will take the initiative to bring the female out to relax. <Br/> 6. If you want to blow out your breath, you are not allowed to throw things. You can only eat, but you can only throw your pillows. <Br/> 7. Try not to quarrel overnight. When the woman goes to bed, the man must take the initiative to hold the woman. Even if the woman is so arrogant, the man must put the woman into bed. <Br/> 8. Massage once a week for each other. If you have a hard time quarreling with each other, you can learn from the blind master if the man's craft is poor! <Br/> 9. during the quarrel, the man is not allowed to call the phone. If the man is not allowed to call back immediately and apologizes, the man must call the man within one minute if the man fails to call the phone during the quarrel, phone calls are not supported. In short, phone calls cannot be made repeatedly, but the woman must give the man a face. The number of phone calls cannot exceed 5 times each time. <Br/> 10. respect each other's parents and elders. If you are unhappy, you cannot be rude to your parents. <Br/> another point is also the most important: all the provisions of the Convention can be changed by the woman without any reason and without time restrictions. The man has the right to raise an objection, however, whether the objection is accepted is the right of final interpretation to the woman. <Br/> 

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