Quarterly report on electrical equipment and new energy industry: PV, Wind power, UHV performance pay more attention to industry 4.0, power conversion and energy Internet

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electrical equipment and new energy sector theannual revenue growth has rebounded, -earnings rose slightly in the first quarter of the year. We have selected a total of power equipment and new energy sectors146companies listed in the company(the calculation of income and net profit is eliminatedWSTHai Run, the same as)conducted a statistical analysis of the entire industry theincome for the year4991.2billion yuan, growth7.763to achieve net profit188.7billion yuan, growth71.103.

the whole industry gross margin is21.631, growth over the year0.73a percentage point, the cash flow of operating activities is a net outflow256.7billion yuan. Industry-wide theThe first quarter of the year to achieve revenue of about998.9billion yuan, growth4.206to achieve net profit31.6billion, down from the year4.303, the cash flow of operating activities is net outflow192.8billion Yuan

The revenue and net profit of one equipment plate maintain the fast growth, the special high pressure promotes the function obviously. theyear-round revenue realization1740.4billion yuan, growth133to achieve net profit107.7billion yuan, growth148, gross margin of20.943, growth over the year0.25a percentage point, the cash flow of operating activities is a net outflow160.4billion yuan. -revenue for the first quarter of the year351.9billion yuan, growth -to achieve net profit20.6billion yuan, growth266. Gross margin is21.489, growth over the year1.4percentage point, net interest rate is5.863, growth over the year0.76a percentage point, the cash flow of operating activities is a net outflow19.2billion, a significant improvement over the same period last year.

two secondary equipment plate -year-round growth overall, thebegan to decline in the first quarter of the year. theyear-round, two-time equipment sector realized revenue362.2billion yuan, growth theto achieve net profit41.5billion yuan, growth the. The secondary equipment plate gross margin is33.554, growth over the year2.48a percentage point, the cash flow of operating activities is a net outflow23.1billion yuan. -The first quarter of the year, the two equipment sector to achieve revenue54.1billion, down from the year5.813to achieve net profit1.30billion, a sharp decline in the year62.573. The secondary equipment plate gross margin is30.172, down from the year2.43a percentage point, the cash flow of operating activities is a net outflow16.6billion yuan.

special high-pressure, high-pressure plate performance outstanding, -year-round growth, theThe first quarter of the year continued to grow better. theyear-round UHV, high-pressure plate to achieve revenue849billion yuan, growth16.634to achieve net profit53.8billion, growth over the year30.087. -revenue for the first quarter of the year187billion yuan, growth11.960to achieve net profit12.21billion, growth over the year22.348.

the decline in the performance of the medium-voltage electric plate forced enterprises to start a positive transformation, low-voltage electrical plate growth began to pressure. theyear-round, medium voltage electrical plate to achieve sales revenue46.5billion, growth over the year5.536to achieve net profit4.5billion, down year12.107;low-voltage electrical sector realizes revenue208billion, growth over the year theto achieve net profit22.8billion, growth over the year168. -in the first quarter, the medium voltage electric plate realizes sales revenue8.1billion, down from the year6.458to achieve net profit0.53billion, down year29.934;low voltage appliances realize revenue37.1billion, down from the year -to achieve net profit4.1billion, growth over the year -.

SMART meter Plate performance growth continues to improve, some companies have begun to transform the transformation of performance. theyear-round, smart meter sector to achieve sales revenue87.1billion, yoy23.458to achieve net profit12.6billion, growth over the year18.628. -The first quarter of the year, the smart meter sector to achieve sales revenue17.7billion, growth over the year35.523to achieve net profit2.30billion, growth over the year40.245. Solarfun Electronics and Samsung Electric -Annual revenue Growth10.793,27.910, net profit increased respectively10.252,32.118.

Investment advice and strategy: theyear the entire plate performance differentiation, photovoltaic, wind power in the past two years to achieve a bottom reversal, UHV plate performance also achieved a substantial growth, supporting the plate over the past two years relative to the leading market gains, but -we see new trends and changes in the industry, industry4.0, electricity conversion, energy storage, electric vehicles, power Internet and other new areas worth attention, reform and transformation is worth keeping track. Made in China2025The general plan has been approved by the State Council executive meeting, the Chinese version of industry4.0continue to be optimistic about the performance of intelligent manufacturing plate; TESLANew Concept products released over the weekendTeslaenergy, aiming at the three major areas of residents, business and public utilities,PowerWallthe price of the population to become a reality, while5The monthly energy storage Conference to raise the energy storage attention again, the energy storage plate performance is optimistic;state-owned enterprises reform market attention to improve, the local energy platform will gradually become a new focus, optimistic about the performance of related standards;New Energy Vehicle2016-2020Annual subsidy policy was formally introduced, the market for Xianpo $understanding is too pessimistic, the actual profit is still very good, the electric vehicle industry continues to explode can be expected, electric cars two quarter ushered in policy+sales of dual-drive, strongly continue to be optimistic about the BYD industry chain and sub-leading, increase the layout of batteries and materials, electrical control. We have always attached great importance to the new opportunities brought about by the electric change, the fourth one on the weekend to make a new explanation for cross-zone transmission, energy Internet, user-side management, energy-saving services and other fields of innovative business models to create a big opportunity, continue to be optimistic about the energy Internet sector, including the building of energy Internet platform companies, power New Energy power generation assets, continue to be optimistic about the new mode of electricity service, power distribution, electricity side of the company ushered in new opportunities, energy-saving services company ushered in the best development opportunity;Wind Power continues to recommend the layout of wind turbine leading and operator, wind power operation and monitoring is also energy internet assets;On nuclear power, thematic opportunities are weakening in the short term. National Network -Annual planned grid investment4202billion yuan, growth the, but the first quarter of investment declined, performance decline, the economic downturn in the market for the power grid to increase UHV and distribution network investment has been expected, relatively optimistic about UHV and distribution network end of the opportunity.

portfolio: industry 4.0 Span style= "FONT-SIZE:16PX;" >: Chuan Technology, Acer shares, Evergreen Group, Witten energy storage: BYD, Sunshine Power supply, Shengyang shares, South power supply electric cars: BYD, Dongyuan Electric, new Bang, Cangzhou Pearl, Evergreen Group, heaven-sent Materials, st Lu Xiang, Ningbo Yun Sheng Electric change: Zhiguang Electric, Heng Electric, Sunshine Power, Chint Electric, special change electrician, Beijing branch Rui, Xin Lian electronic ; energy Internet: Solar power, Goldwind, branch HHS, Rainbow Refinement, Heng Electric, Evergreen Group, Guodian nan Rui ;

Photovoltaic: Solar power, rainbow refinement, Jiangsu broad-minded, love Kang technology, special change electrician, solarfun Electronics, Oriental Energy ; Wind Power: Goldwind, Fortune shares, Tian Shun wind, Tai Sheng Wind ; Belt and Road: Special transformer electrician, Guodian Nari, Goldwind ; UHV: Ping Gao Electric, Dalian electromagnetic, Xu Relay electric ; nuclear power: East Electric, Shanghai Electric, Dan-Fu shares.

Risk warning: Investment growth is declining, policy is not up to expectations, price competition is exceeding expectations

Electrical equipment and New Energy industry Quarterly report: PV, Wind power, UHV performance pay more attention to industry 4.0, power conversion and energy Internet http://my.home.news.cn/blog/control/articleFolder.do original address: China Electric Industry Network

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Quarterly report on electrical equipment and new energy industry: PV, Wind power, UHV performance pay more attention to industry 4.0, power conversion and energy Internet

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