Quartus II 12.0 download, install, and crack

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20130417 us II 12.0 does not support Waveform simulation. We recommend that you use quartuⅱ 9.1 and win7 32/64 bits ~


Cracking tool http://files.cnblogs.com/imapla/QuartusII91_Crack.zip


Quartus II went out to 12.0. It had been installed with 11.0 and had never been able to crack it. Instead, I tried to install 12.0, but the attack was successful. I sent it to share it with you.

Quartus II Collection: ftp://ftp.altera.com/outgoing/release/

Quartus II 12.0: https://www.altera.com/download/software/quartus-ii-se/12.0/zh_CN

1. Software:The chip on the Development Board at hand is EP2C5T144C8N-Cyclone II, so I only chose the main program and a supporting device library.

2. installation:The installation path should not contain Chinese characters. The other steps are basically "Next". Note that Quartus II may be suspended during installation. Do not end the program at this time. Please wait patiently, I will give you another tutorial When I reinstall it next time.

3. Cracking:Close the software kill, open quartus_ii_12.0_x86crack .exe, and click "application" to crack the sys_cpt.dll file under \ "your installation directory" \ Quartus \ bin. If "the file is not found. Search for this file? "And click" yes ". (We recommend that you copy the cracked tool directly to \" your installation directory "\ Quartus \ bin. This dialog box will not appear, instead, it directly starts cracking.

# Set the generated license. the DAT file is also stored in the preceding directory. use NotePad to open the file and set the license. replace xxxxxxxxxxxx In dat with your old network card number (select license setup under tools in Quartus II 12.0, and then there is a nic id. To open the software, select trial ).

# Select license setup under tools in Quartus II 12.0, select license file, and click OK.

# Note: The Path Name of the license file cannot contain Chinese characters and spaces. spaces can be replaced by underscores.

# I wish you a successful cracking!

Download the cracked file: quartus_12.0_x86breaker .rar quartus_12.0_x64breaker .rar

Quartus II 12.0 download, install, and crack

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