Query of complex stored procedures or functions in PL/SQL = avoid writing SQL statements in PL/SQL to query stored procedures or functions

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In fact, this is also a problem at work. To tell the truth, I am not willing to do it myself. I also want to write statements for queries, but I have not thoroughly studied this kind of information,
Write SQL statements in JavaProgramAt the same time, I chose to be lazy.

First, if it is golden, of course there is no need to say that the Direct Write statement is similar to select. If it is PL/SQL, it is not that simple. If the storage process is relatively simple,
Or, if the content is relatively simple, it is easy to do. You can write a few more lines at most. If it is a combination of 10 or more tables, at least I have not found a simple method,
So I have to learn.

Second: Let's say the Method = right-click the Stored Procedure =, click test (Chinese or test) =, And then you can see a visual view of the following conditions.
The left side is the condition name, and the right side is the parameter. At this time, you only need to enter the parameter in the parameter column and click Run in the upper left corner. Everything is OK, =, and then click the button next to the last returned result, see? Data Query or operation data has been released.

In fact, this is faster than golden. You don't need to write a statement, but you just need to fill in the parameter. It's easy,

Of course, statements must be written, because many things are satisfied only when pursued.

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