Query the Phone firmware version (mobile phone model or type identifier) and Code of Nokia

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Query the Phone firmware version (mobile phone model or type identifier) and Code of Nokia


On the dialing page, enter * #0000 #. after entering the # number, the Device Manager is displayed. For example, Nokia e72 of the US version is used, after entering "* #0000 #", the following mobile phone soft fix information is displayed:

Nokia e72 Device Manager

Software Version

Software Version date

Custom version

Custom version date
12-Jan 2010

Languge set



Latest update
Not updated


Other information query and setting methods:


1.*#0000 # query the current software version number


2.*#06 # query the IMEI number


3.*#2820 # query the address of a bluetooth device


4.*#92702689 # query the total call time (not applicable to licensed machines)


5.*#7780 # restore factory settings


6.*#7370 # format the mobile phone


Of course, you can also take out the cell phone's battery and you will see a tag on the motherboard. Here we can see the value of the type, model, IMEI, and code of the mobile phone.


What is the code of a Nokia mobile phone:


The Nokia mobile phone code represents the identity of this mobile phone. Because even mobile phones of the same model are sold through different channels or telecom carriers in the same region, nokia has set a code attribute to further differentiate mobile phones of different channels (or even colors. Basically, all configurations of mobile phones with the same code value are identical (even including the body color ).

Mobile phones with the same firmware (type identifier) also have different code values due to different selling countries, channels (such as whether a custom Telecom machine is used), and body colors. These code values can be changed as needed through software.

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