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On the issue of private enterprise, think for a long time, but also read a lot of senior entrepreneurial experience. This article is seen from the forum, it is very true. Tidy up a bit, send out, with June mutual encouragement.

First article: Memory 2007 Spring a sunny morning, I stand in the city area of the Civil Affairs Bureau at the door, do not know whether to the left or right to go. Street people come to the car, as usual lively and extraordinary. My mind is blank, and a little restless, simply sit on the roadside steps, point a group of Lee. "Ba Ba" with 2 crisp car horn, my white car parked in front of me, the window slowly fell, revealing my wife face expressionless face. Hehe, accustomed to, prepared to say, should be ex-wife. "You can go back to stay for a few days, but the next room is empty anyway." I shook my head, since already parted, why still want to turn back. "Nothing, you go busy, I am not a child, I will starve to death." Home things I will come back in a few days to pick up, hope that the back of the day you can be happier than before today "said, I turned walked quickly to the right hand of the intersection walk." I wish you happiness, my heart silently said. A pedestrian and I rub shoulders, surprised to see my cool with the left hand to win the mouth of the smoke directly in the heart of the right hand. Heart to pain is numb, the person who has tried must know this feeling.  5 years, I came to this city, from the company's external branch manager to today's 2 homes, 1 stores, as well as my favorite A6 baby, to this day all of a sudden nothing to do with me. Before life came to a halt, I went back to the original point. Suddenly feel like a roadside flower bed in the same ant, so small. Life is full of unknown, but God this joke also open too big, the purification of the family although is my choice, I think a woman more than a man needs material security, not to mention once she is your closest person. But all this is really realistic in front of you, as if it is difficult to accept and believe. Confused and with a trace of unyielding will, I believe that they can return.   Don't know how to talk to your parents or tell any friends. I stayed in the sauna Center for 15 days in a row, except to play games on the internet to eat and sleep. Several shifts the waiter calls me every day 2 times: brother, you want to smoke I bought you, those days, 4 packs of cigarettes a day, 2 meals, not timed to go upstairs VIP push an oil, hit a cannon, as usual and small mm open point with color small joke, day and night upside down. Occasionally 3, 4 o ' night, a person in the cold pool of water, looking up at the ceiling to decorate the starry night sky, in the most loyal brother-cigarette accompany, over and over again format their mind memory ....  4 at the end of the month, I went to the lockbox to remove the shutdown half-month cell phone, after the surge of incoming calls to remind SMS magnetic vibration of a constant. Only see the last one my best brother sent me: TNN dead, these days died where. Today's father's birthday, Evening 5 o'clock Hotel 12th, 8 points in the night sky KTV5 VIP, can not see you, direct 110. Then the phone eyes closed to the west of the West ~ ~ ~ Grass, no electricity ...         Paladin crosses a non-pressure rhyme poem, Tangled is Lee Carefree, Zhaoling son, Lin Heart, as I felt at that time, dedicated to everyone:        Neither look back, why not forget         since the missed , why pledge         Today, like the water no mark         The Ming Xi Xi, June has strangers           & nbsp     8:30 in the evening, I came directly to the designated KTV, the box is already overcrowded. 2 elder brother, Fat, bird, Old week, contractor, Camel and so on usually a big help friend all to QI, naturally without the protagonist of today's birthday, I iron Brother: Steel pipe. Look I came in, the Fat Man closed the microphone, a quiet 5 seconds, then a bunch of people surging up, rushing a person a glass of wine I got soaked. These guys have been premeditated, to avenge my time of the human evaporation. I smiled a sound, stand firm, nothing said, 3 bottles of beer first self-inflicted. Deafening music suddenly sounded, I attached to the ears of steel pipe loudly shouted: Happy Birthday, brother! ~ Dry   That night, I remember the only one drunk, vomit of the mess, that day, the box later happened, really do not think of it, like dreaming, just woke up memories Party was fresh, the 2nd day completely did not remember.   2nd day 3rd day I opened the steel tube car, saw 4, 5 sets of single apartment, finally chose a 10 kilometers from the urban area of the western New town of a single apartment, rent 1800, plus one months deposit, I have 2W card, took a W, to the landlord 6500, with the rest of the money, Went to the market to buy a 90% new stolen car, 600 bucks. And went to the nearby supermarket to buy a lot of daily necessities. Friends of the company pulled a platform for the broken computer, the new life in the beginning of a non-flocculation.   Second article decadent         All the way, always feel that their IQ is OK, the road of life, although the start is low, but even if the fall and mix, stumbled to at least smooth. Want to do things often achieve the goal, the crisis is always the eyes of God will I release or the noble in the next time to pull me.   found a day in the house when no one, borrowed the steel pipe of Land Rover, loaded a car full of clothes and some other things, shipped back to my new home. The next few days, continue to shut down the meditation, oneself this pass, what can not do. Day and night reversed day and night upside down. There were a few quiet nights, like zombies across the unfamiliar bed of me, as if there are 2 of their own in the quarrel: A full face, full of darkness, black trousers black leather shoes, even by another white cut down on the ground when the blood is also black. 2 Little people in my mind from time to time out of the noisy, black villain has a mantra: you are really sick, nothing to yourself, you are a cow x prince. Then the white man immediately gave him a slap: I do not leave a marriage, do not start again, finally liberated and can singer night, cool still too late! ~ Black villain every time, can only run one side of the curse: you a cow x Prince, no money to see how you cool, go home to see how you explain, a few months to see what you are doing ... But every fight is usually ended with black sacrifice, and I also in the occasional chat with a psychiatrist friend learned that this situation belongs to the precursor of schizophrenia, no timely psychological counseling additional drug treatment, will slowly turn to personality division or insanity, serious basic into the compulsory treatment.   I know that at this moment in the writing of these words, do not know that I was on their own tenacious willpower out of the deterioration of the spiritual world, or now I have been a serious mental patient ...   At that time, I do not have anything to do, do not want to do anything, every day to sleep to the beginning of the dark to get up, people eat dinner, I brush my face and then go downstairs to eat breakfast. At the end of the month, received a call from a previous customer, continue to order the goods. Trading Company at that time I have written off, because 07 years when the domestic trade has been very difficult to operate, the price is transparent, information flow, large single few, the profit is very thin. I am happy to take the list, the rare money to see the bottom of the time can also cushion my economic situation. Then a few days later, contact the invoicing company, and let customers pay the deposit to buy core components, and then co-ordinate with the factory owner to pay the problem. Everything is smooth, half a month busy, earn 2W whole, finally relieved tone.         because there is no power and no goal, do not have the cost of business, I also confused the mix of 2 months, during the brothers have been aware of the situation, today this please eat, tomorrow that give me to introduce work, every day a bunch of people find ways to gather, Try to create a lively atmosphere for me. Now think about it, this is the greatest wealth of our ordinary people.           It can be said that it is my darkest period, decadent their thoughts, indulge their body, the worst is not to see tomorrow, life without goals. I want to cheer up, but I don't know what to start with. One day in a day like this in the sunrise sunset over. But fortunately, I think a lot of every day, while recalling the summary, some ideas until now have deeply affected me, and become a part of my outlook on life.         I would like to look at this article of each friend said: "Born as a man, shoulder a different responsibilities and women, sometimes very tired, physical and mental exhaustion, but the tired of the worth of the matter." When you experience all the flavors of life, you will have a new understanding of life. Since the road is your own choice, then forget about the future is the rugged path or highway, to the goal of running it.   My personal life starts at school, and every stage has a woman in place, including within the marriage period. As a man, I couldn't have happened to be that saint. I am not good color, but beautiful woman who will be heart, I can only say, color and gambling sex is everyone biomass of nature it. The story about me and these women will not appear in the text, I do not need to use words to accumulate feelings and memories of them, but also do not use erotic stories to increase the click of the Post. I believe that after a few years, they still occupy an important position in my heart, and take the sincere blessing here, I hope they can be happy forever! ~  life is never perfect, our unhappiness stems from our greed. Although our living environment gives us every ordinary person enormous pressure, let us impetuous day and night, subversion of tradition, the money material right became most people sacred faith. But brothers and sisters, as the stock, the futures intraday change, as we chase the spread, we have become the target of other hunters, if we can not control their desires, I can say, you will eventually bring your own endless remorse and trouble. -----Extremes Meet! ~  Third article: Jedi Life   for people who goof off, time is always fast. I continue to rebel reflective introspection, and finally one day I feel that the current stage of money demand beyond all other desires, and the goal is not only to maintain life, to maintain my consumption level, my goal is to have enough money to make me feel the maximum security. I want my parents not to regret for me, I want the brothers to see me stand again, I want to let everyone who knows me know that I am the legend around them. I am ecstatic, I no longer have the goal of life, I understand what I should do next, I no matter what way, I do not care whether the idea is right or wrong, I am now a mess, nothing, I am not afraid of hard, rushing, obsequious, even desperate, as long as can achieve the goal. Well, that was really the idea at the time.   I began to think more about how to reach this vague, far-flung but well-defined goal. I began to think Day and night: My character, my good, my interpersonal relationships, my resources, the amount of startup money I can raise, and so on. I think too much, so that the thoughts seem to have overflowed, I have to use paper and pen to record the trend of the wild horse, in addition to the text, there are numbers, arrows, symbols, geometric figures, of course, only I see the combination of the understanding.   I was less than 30 years old, starting with my first job as a securities firm broker (half a year), and then giving my then manager of the marketing department a Private Futures studio business (5 months); Then my best classmate Dad fancy my business ability, pull me to his own company, Familiar with the business after the foreign branch to do the manager, 3 years after the business has achieved the country's top 5, the annual access to more than 1000 w gross margin; Then I started to do business in the local trade, within 2 years dug into the real own first bucket of gold and the scenery of marriage. Then began a continuous tragedy. After a small small fall, I was again full of strong air and morale. Combined with my actual situation at that time: my card in cash and more than 1W, without their own name can be mortgaged fixed assets, no car of course just bought the bike still in. I started thinking about projects that could start from scratch, and I didn't even set a baseline for myself. Of course, I'm not an idiot, stealing or killing anything is not to that point and quality.   I contacted all may help my friends, elders, classmates and even some Yimianzhijiao only have business cards, frankly their present situation, sincere hope they give me a little advice, by the way to see what is suitable for me to do the project or business, what the industry, I am out of people or borrow money to invest. The advice that most people give me is to let me go back to my hometown, find a platform that can show my ability to spend a few years to re-save and look for opportunities, the others are a little bit unreliable or I think it is not my consideration of the scope. I sincerely thanked everyone and told me what I thought: Where to fall from and where to stand ... Rational analysis, at that time I was a bit dead, want to take a shortcut, bent on assault, hitA beautiful turnaround. I know it myself, but I can't handle that much, I am filled with how I can achieve my goal.   I had to give up before the high-consumption habits, away from mahjong, cattle and cattle and other bad habits, smoke quit, change the white sand, of course, another pack of good smoke is also necessary, a person when I only eat eggs fried rice. I can't open source only to intercept first. In those months, I learned how to ride a bike, flying all over the town, and riding on the hottest summer noon. I visited the city, I found every person I know, my thick-skinned spirit, my Iron Man spirit, my drill horn spirit was I used to the machine, only to find a source of the .....   I remember that even in that downturn, I still try to keep my bottom line, and still maintain the basic social etiquette. Some fastidious friends, I will go into his office before stepping into the coolest place in the building to dry their sweat clothes. I began to deeply understand the plight of the people at the bottom of the society, I learned to look at people and things more objectively, hehe, these are intangible wealth gains, and indirectly helped me to get a new life.   The weather is still hot, but not as I look for the fever. I had a credit card cover, but I was short of liquidity and eventually abandoned the project. Have done securities and futures software agent, of course, no pressure funds of that type of 3-stream software, their own use of mass software advertising, but still because of the relationship between funds, the starting point is too low, even a office location is not, basic no credibility, reluctantly sold 5 sets, no efficiency, and no longer continue.   A person after the most insipid birthday in August, 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the morning, I as usual in the hot sun ride to a friend company to talk about things. Riding, began to weather the rain, pouring down the opening remark of the brain, I have not had time to hesitate to hide from the rain, has been half wet. Wrap up the cell phone with a plastic bag, I go on with the rain. Riding a road again, I found that it is completely impossible to see friends, helpless to go home, bathing change clothes. Call a friend again to explain the situation, feeling very tired, then lying in bed sleepy go to sleep ... Woke up the day is All black, headache, want to go to take the phone to see time, incredibly feet a soft, pour. Ah, after all, still flesh ah, then tired and hungry and cold, simply also no matter, sleepy and sleep. Then woke up, as if it had been midnight, feeling a little recovery of strength, burning a little water, go downstairs to eat. Everything is ready, and no matter whether it is heatstroke or fever, continue to the uncomfortable strength Mimi Lake Lake to sleep ...   Later it was no big deal, after 2 days basic recovery. In short, that period of time is really miserable, a bit of heaven and earth feeling, trance in the dream but incredibly real, impressive ...   wrote the above text, although not related to the theme, but I always wonder, whether when a person in the most desperate time, when the hope is the only lifeline, the small universe in our body will be inUnconsciously began to burn, the potential of people slowly stimulated, the rear can become a major event .... ---------------------------------------man is tired! Hehe   4th article Last Stand   unconsciously, ushered in the September. A summer down, I black like a Vietnamese, lost 22 pounds. After changing the new Yangmei hairstyle, my friends laughed at me, then put on a robe can go to alms. I have integrated a few operational projects at hand, not a long payback period, or the need for large-scale start-up money, which is not suitable for me. I was hundred w around the funds with my relationship or can solve, but a few of the projects are not 80% of certainty, it is not the determination to risk.   At the time the market was booming, the market began a real bull market after the May 30, 07 stamp tax hike, everyone around me on any occasion to publish the future about a stock of various analytical speech. I am very disappointed, for me, this year I if not so unlucky, this wave market certainly has my participation, but now can only be watched others eat meat, oneself hexibeifeng. For months I haven't thought about borrowing money to invest in stocks or futures, but whenever I think of the pressure I need to take, I get cold feet, after all, my own money and borrowed money is completely 2 concepts, seriously affect the attitude of the trader.   After one weeks, the idea of re-killing the financial industry in my mind more and more frequently, I think again and again, analysis of pros and cons: I have a good trading record, relative to most of the investors around, I have more professional theoretical knowledge and more long combat experience, the most important this is really a small broad, do not rely on others market. Want to go, there is no more suitable for the project, from scratch, do not do this!!! ----------life is really like a circle, inadvertently I went back to the beginning, back to my first job after graduation battlefield, but this time I experienced more, and no longer young.   decided, I started to install broadband and prepare funds for my home. In order to give oneself the least pressure the best mentality, I did not ask for financial support with my friends. I made a credit card cover; now, I'm going to use my gold card to set the whole 5W of cash, decided to start from the futures, a Layin goods have leverage, more in line with my goal of small broad, and secondly set; the existing interest-free period, I want to use the shortest possible time to gamble.  07 on Monday, September 10, broadband was installed yesterday. I got up in the morning and sat in front of the computer. See the familiar candlestick chart, my world suddenly clean. A few days ago to revisit the overall trend of this period of time, and read more than n economic news, related comments, at that time the stock market is also at an unprecedented high, market enthusiasm and confidence, from the perspective of security, undoubtedly in the futures market long relatively safe, the overall domestic and foreign economic environment are in the inflation, bright direction in the forward. The 1th day, the 2nd day I did not order, the rise and fall in the plate, echoing my heartbeat, rhythm in a little match, more and more close. The 3rd day seems to be a holiday I remember, the 4th day began, I opened a multi-position, only to do soybean meal contract, small funds, no way. On the first day of trading, I remove the handling fee, earning 520 bucks, closing the list, I want to keep a start as a starting point for this move. That night, very calm. Because, behind, the road is still very long.   After 2 months, I resumed the state of isolation, in addition to eating and sleeping, trading hours, is to see the plate, watch the news, read reviews, look at a variety of stock forum, study the possible trend of the day, my stop loss settings and so on. Occasionally friends will come to pick me up at night, together with a snack, or bring some fruit, come up to chat and smoke. 2 months, I kept the day, very careful open positions overnight, I have less feelings, rarely because of the change in the disk and excited, I sometimes feel like a press keyboard mouse machine. The only thing to be thankful for is my interest in the winding up, 2 months more days, my account finally broke through the 10W, of course, during the time of the card, Lima and brush out.   That night, I had no one to eat fast food. I decided to downstairs a Sichuan restaurant box, friends are all called together to eat a meal, I probably said the next recent profit situation, said the brothers I have a long time no treat, although the environment is very poor, but I am very happy to have you these friends, tonight everyone drink a good time ... It was really relaxing that day, Last stand, hit! ~  the 2nd day of Noon, the steel pipe to call me, said downstairs waiting for me to eat together. I am very strange, he generally day engineering company is more busy, or is with customer entertainment, is he just passing someone to accompany eat? But some rubbing rice is always good, I did not say 2 words, took the key to run downstairs. Or yesterday that Sichuan restaurant, we 2 people ordered 4 dishes a soup, did not want wine, directly open to eat. "I want you to do me a favor", the steel pipe in the end of their own brothers, straight to the point. "You say, besides accompany to eat, still want me to accompany what?" "I also have to be unambiguous and respond while eating." "Grass, you son, a little money on the talk is not serious." And you say business, my wife is not always in the stock, but the last month, a lot of losses. "A bit of a callback is also very normal, or money so good to earn, we do not have to work to do business AH." While I was eating the bullfrog, I watched the boiling fish. During that time, the stock market was at the highest point in history, the person who quilt or cut the position to buy again normal, but the rational person sees about 8,000, quite a few people see more than 10,000. Steel pipe then said: "I this period of time the project received more than 60 W, buy a house has 2 sets of, say again so expensive." To the wife really is not relieved. Or you can help me to open a futures account, you do for me. I lost one half of my money. "I stopped the chopsticks and gave him a cigarette:" You want to know that the futures risk can be controlled, but overall it is bigger than the stock market. And as long as it is speculation, no one can guarantee their winning percentage. I am gambling, you do not have the need to follow suit. "I believe you," said the steel pipe with a smile.   So a few days later, I had 2 accounts, one of my own 9w8,1 steel pipe 50W.   5th article is getting better         money is big, and the big percentage is my best brother's money, which I dare not sloppy. I bought 2 cases of bubble noodles, 2 cartons of mineral water, 4 cigarettes, and whined whined to move home. This is no need to go out to eat and drink, haha, i a SB, the city of Chengdu Forest Recluse.   My own account continues to soybean meal, come and go, half a month down, small earn 1w5 around, basic satisfaction. Steel pipe account on the wrong, the wrong, regardless of copper or rubber, is to make money, there is a morning open low point more than 4 hands of copper during the day there are about 800 yuan of space, close to see the settlement price is similar, the outer disk is also basically supported, combined with the intraday multi-empty strength situation, feel if the outer disk with the next 700 of the space can be taken, the rest assured that the night. 7 o'clock on the 2nd day to see the outer plate, a small rise of 30 dollars, in line with the expected plan. The opening, feeling a little bad, the opening price of yesterday's close of 400 yuan, I first grabbed a single walk 2 hands, this day all the way down, the most is down to more than 54,000, this 4 hands CU does not count the handling fee, the last loss 2000 more, the day is very depressed. Specially down the building, bought 4 bottles of small 2 pot head, intends to punish themselves severely.   Later this day I rested 2 accounts, and re-examined the various CU candlestick charts and indicators, then the stock market from 6000多 points down, has been hovering around 5200 to do push-ups. My judgment on the general trend is determined to look empty, but the short-term trading is in compliance with the disk, the homeopathic and for. After careful analysis, feel that a small number of single price appropriate words, CU should have about 2000 of the upward space. Fixed heart, re-cut, 54000 opened 2 hand cu, at that time set the stop loss is more balanced, located in the 53000,53000 below space is opened, a bit abyss taste. The backup plan was also broken by 53000, ready to go short on the backhand. Do futures that way, when you deploy the military, after the completion of the battle plan, the rest is to point a cigarette to see the specific situation of the war to make a corresponding small adjustment. Before and after Christmas, the goods began to stir, constantly in a sharp shock, roller coaster ride I weeping. Because the confidence is more firm, also did not break my stop, even my position price has not been to, basic I also more rest assured, thought the steel pipe account can not urgent, personnel I did, the rest still want to see how destiny. It seems to be Christmas these days, the CU plate has a very strong day, rushed to 58000 or so, I secretly happy.   That year's Christmas activity is like the position profit is like the person to be cool, we a big through these the man, after having eaten the dinner basic to be neat. I took 8000 oceans that day and planned not to go home. Let a long time did not contact the mummy-week set a great international package, because it is Christmas, starting 5000, also no matter, GoGoGo, killed the past. box, beauty, beer, wine, ice, poker, dice all battle, erosion of the night, no dreamand sleep! ~ A cloud, a century of water. I was in the fierce battle with the CU finally ushered in 2008 years of sunshine! ~ Steel pipe Account of 2 lots of raw copper has not gone, the remaining funds into and out, also ate about 4000多 points of the fish body, the profit of the steel pipe account has far exceeded my own, I naturally also put energy in this wealth account, his account instead put a 30% position of fuel line single. Steel pipe on the loss of a good elephant also did not show too much reaction, in the middle of January, I introduced a Chen surname contractor, I do the futures of the hype, even I can not return to God. I objectively simple description of the futures to make money loss of the principle and some of the difference between the stock investment, explained the risk and return situation, finally in the pipe after another deified, my real sense of the first customer turned out, 20W account, loss I bear 20%, profit or 55 open.   Before the Chinese New Year, I have 3 accounts in addition to their own, steel pipe account of the most profitable, has turned almost one times. Chen boss's 20W made more than 4W, according to the proportion calculation, this wave of crazy unilateral market, half a year, I made up almost 30W from scratch. Pipe direct bank card cut me 23W as dividends, the account of 97W continue to retain. Chen boss's account profit is not much, dividends I think there is no need for the moment. Also my own account of the card ' account, bought LV men and women each one, throw to the steel pipe, surrounded by 1W cash ready to prepare the new year. New year to completely relax, did not leave a position. The fact that the market is more crazy than I thought, this wave of quotes continue to rise unilaterally, the highest remember that CU rushed to the 70000 mark, then Yixieqianli ...   6th article Steady  2008 years of Spring Festival, I bought a lot of New Year's shopping home, borrowed a friend of the company's business car, relatives, friends, classmates, elders everywhere delivery, seafood gift box, roasted seeds and nuts gift box, special agricultural products gift box, Sunshine Group bought 20, 5 grain Liquid 12 bottles, everyone take love, not lively. Lively is good, I spend money in fact also in order to buy a lively, in the lively gap, I found a chance, the divorce confession to parents, but conceal the fact of the purification of the monk. Chinese New Year, a person back, paper no matter how can not pack fire AH. This period of precipitation, I have been basically accustomed to a person's world, but Dad and mom always brooding, but after all, this is a fact, after all, still have to face. This spring festival, finally in the surface of harmony, the sad atmosphere of peace through.   After the year, I also live in a 5 days, the beginning of 6, returned to their own single apartment, the remaining days, I want to find their own state, study the next year's policy trend and possible trends. As a few months ago, the rise of various industrial products is amazing, a bit high is not very cold feeling. I have lost my feeling on the CU and seriously look empty, but the disc has not appeared to adjust the signs of decline. This copper I have a preconceived idea, the order is definitely to see empty ideas, so I consider simply give up the copper contract, do almost the nature of rubber. Although the overall still look at empty ideas, but rubber intraday fluctuations more frequently, have the opportunity to do short-term. The goal was determined, and I proceeded to consider the entry point, looking for specific details such as the primary secondary support resistance line.   years after the opening of the first rubber main contract opening 24000 to 24500, and I in 14300 of the position with the steel pipe account opened 15 hands empty single, Chen Boss's account opened 4 hands empty single, his account did not move, operation is too late. My stop loss is 500 points, if I break 24800, I think about closing the position and looking at the situation. It is a question of scepticism about the surge in strength. Oh. After one weeks, Ru the lowest down to 23700, but the short plate in the inability to suppress, but the bulls surrender, the spirit of the struggle to resist the people admire unceasingly. After a few days, bulls strong counterattack, at once broke through my psychological defense, helpless stop to close the position. 2 accounts each loss of 5 points or so. The defeat of the opener, depressed tight. More depressing is, after a few days, I empty warehouse introspection, see the rubber top of the next 24900, a beautiful diving, candlestick, KDJ,MACD all back to 23500 near. It turns out that my judgment is correct, the problem is that the first day after the year the opening price, 24500 cut into the words just fine, I still a little hurry, deserved. For these 200 points of error, I decided to rest for 3 days, outside the plate, see if I can see more clearly.   I choose fishing as my main activity for the 3 days, so there is plenty of time to think about it. Find out the previous fishing pole set, put the dry food, mineral water, cigarettes to backpack a plug, riding my little donkey on the set off. Me thisThere is a big lake in the east of the city, but there is no fishing, I don't care, riding for nearly 3 hours, finally reach the destination, can put me tired. At that time outside is still quite cold, I get off the coat and sweater, all over the heat, a pair of nine yang to practice into off the cattle than kind. This season Lake Park basically no one, management staff also shrink in the duty-not to come out. I even did not buy the ticket, directly found a obscure corner, with the bread Heshui squeeze, bait, swing, sprinkle, stick, point smoke one go. That day in the lake smoked 1 packs of cigarettes, 4 o'clock in the afternoon return, winter fish basically can't catch up, are at the bottom of the lake, relatively dull. Of course, it is not a little harvest, I am determined that I want to take this road to go down the determination, and intend to test a professional qualification certificate, so that they are more specialized practitioners. And more importantly, I also exercise the body. 8 o'clock in the evening only panic long size leg cramps back to the apartment, I too admire myself. The whole of a masochist.   Seventh Article         A person who has been on the lake for 3 days, feels a lot clearer. Since do futures for me, and bring me the opportunity to turn over, I should do things more beautiful. In addition to the need to further improve their trading level, but also to listen to the ideas and views of some practitioners around, combined with all the factors that can be consulted, to increase the winning rate to the maximum.   I have always been a persistent conservative and stable man, and this character reflects my style of trading. Lake Side 3 days about the trend of the disk face, I still have to do a lot more grasp. So on the 4th day, I re-select 20% positions in the vicinity of 24000, the plan has changed, decided on 300 points I stop, the next 500 points I find a good position to add a portion of the position. 3 accounts All act in unison to allow me to order.   This time, this wave of bullish market finally gave up the resistance, of course, my luck is indeed good, the wave of the market to the right benefits. After a few days, I did nothing, watching the short-irresistible force, a breakthrough in the 23000 mark.   A few days later, I haven't had time to find the position plus, the Bears have bang to 22000. Since there are 2000 points of profit in the hand, my heart relaxed a lot, this wave of the market I personally feel that about 21000 is a threshold. If the breakthrough 21000, the space beneath the vast expanse, with such ideas, I again in the smoke-filled room for most of the month to keep the plate. After a period of time, the focus of the disk to move between the 21000~22000, secure period, I flat 3/5 of the empty single, the rest of the preparation to verify my ideas. One weeks later, the Air Force in 20000 blocked, I still in the old position flat all empty single appearances wait and see.   During that time, I have almost no activity, in addition to some of the network to understand the same feelings of exchange, is through a variety of macro-micro factors constantly determined their own views. This wave of market, because of the relationship between positions, not much to earn. But my steady profit situation, also let me after the boss of Chen, again won the new customer----package total.   Bag is always I have known earlier a foreign trade company mister, age and I similar, wealth, food and clothing without worry. He is a typical radical speculator who has been 4,5 in the stock market for years and has reaped considerable gains. And then moved to the warrants, in the call to turn over the ship. Then with me to do a period of futures, I small earn his small loss, I make his big loss, I small loss he has conceded and play stock go, also is a repeatedly defeated repeatedly defeated the man of the war. Package sum in QQ when I have contact, learned that I recently small turn over the fish, myself and the psychological obstacles do not want to return to the futures industry, holding ofspecialty mentality, let me help him play under his account, he continues to kill between the stock market and warrants. Package is always worthy of the total, I opened his account looked under the funds, the whole 111W, then learned that period of time he re-31 heavy workers, no language.The total account of the package I objectively bear 20% losses, profit points 40%, also considered very much to take care of me.  4 An account in hand, I'm a little busy. Every now and then make a small mistake, I simply stopped their own, bent on trying to put 3 wealth money, let them money to pay. Money has not been born a few days, the package has also given me an account, is his uncle, the fund 40W, the current business is difficult to do, or give me to take care of, see if you can bring some interest. I completely dumbfounded, a person who has 4 hands to take care of AH. Taking advantage of the Week 6, I went to the computer city to buy 2 new computers and hubs, home on the table on a slip, and from the steel Pipe company to rob a newly graduated college student Chubby, ready to let him help me order. Everything is available, just wait for war.   Time passed really fast, and to the warm May, small fat on the understanding of the future from a blank sheet of paper to the abstraction of my graffiti only for 1 months, I put my account into 10W to his practiced hand, gave him a set of 3 military, in order to train. One, 3 times a day to deal with the opportunity to close the position is not two, can not hold the overnight, only to do intraday three, loss to 3%, the day to stop trading, more than 3%, rest 2 days and punish cleaning, errands to buy cigarettes to buy water.   Of course the first month, my account lost 1w3, small fat with a very guilty mood to me as a half-month nanny. I can only say that the hourly is also very expensive.  2008 July, the small fat under the single speed basic already skilled, Kaiping warehouse also almost will not make mistake. I suspended 3 and handed over the account of Mr. Chen to him to fight under my command. Small fat addiction and I like, but he only smoked Nanjing, he is 6 years younger than me, so I also think of him as a brother, in addition to the day's work, what dinner, activities and so on with him, we inseparable, he happy every day with behind me around, affectionately shouted my boss. Chubby October 09 back to Jiangsu in the day of the accident, I cried for a full 1 days, like the loss of their own brother as sad ...   Eighth Witness Miracle         I and the Chubby 2-person Working group are busy all day, but the financial curve does not have a big breakthrough, the whole August, he removed the handling fee to earn 2300, my 3 account total earned more than 7W, also a little harvest. Summer in our day-to-day struggle slowly walk away, ushered in the harvest of the September season.   Chubby in the summer and fat 10 pounds, is said to be smoking smoke, for everyone's health, I have to open the home of the hood and ventilator every day, after all, a long time every day on the computer plus Full House 2 hand smoke, harmful and no profit.   made a period of rubber and sugar, I want to re-cut back to the CU up, after all, 3 large accounts in hand, do CU or have the advantage of the next single. September early Cu, as if and today's price, about 59000, I empty position to see 2 days of the plate, let small fat continue to tear kill soybean meal, think this wave market trend is more obvious, although there is rebound, but the strength is limited. The most important thing is that the macro environment was affected by the U.S. economic crisis, my province, many foreign trade companies and some labor-intensive enterprises went bankrupt, the house price has reached an unprecedented height, surrounded by 2 of people to do folk; I feel that can be appropriate to put a little bit of the grasp is quite large, first see 55000 point. So the steel pipe and the total account of the package I have opened 7 hands empty single Cu, the total uncle's opened 2 hands, the wave market in the next one weeks almost no change, week 5 hit the bottom 56000 about, there are about 800 points of profit space, I decided to keep the original plan. The next week in mid-September, the CU suddenly dived, I took profit near 53300, each account left a single hand to see how much the CU Air Force stamina. Chubby still rolls around in the soy meal every day, so that I changed his nickname: Fat. That weekend, I took the bean fat and a few friends to eat 2 days of seafood, every night singer, to relax our tense nerves.  2008 in late September, cu from more than 51,000 began to rebound about 55000, I follow the original idea, still in the 54200 average price to the package Uncle's account new open 10,7,2 hand. September the last day, cu around 53500 wandering around, because during the National day Rest, also did not have much profit, I flat half of the warehouse, planning holiday without too much burden and pressure to pay attention to the outer plate, less torture, more time to relax.   that another memorable 08 years National Day, the result still did not let me have a good rest day, originally set the October 3 ticket to Chengdu a person travel, because the outer plate CU 2 days continuous big diving, finally let me in the airport thought struggle half a day, abandoned the travel plan, after all, there are friends and clients of the position in hand, Although the outer disk trend is in line with the direction of my position, but this inexplicable 2 huge yin line occupies my whole mind, I would like to see the following days of the market will not continue to the devil, by the way to find the information that can explain the basis of the market ... 7 days passed, the outer plate of CU off of the sharp crash, those days I played all know to do futures friends, collect information, organize party research after the market trend of the whole futures circle whether there is a single, everyone in panic feel a glimmer of excitement------10 years in the market broke out, The U.S. subprime mortgage crisis has finally ignited the global economic bubble bomb's fuse.   This wave has continued to 08 years of Christmas, the achievement of a lot of classic stories, but also destroyed a lot of people, and more people died in the bottom of the operation. I can only say that I am lucky, I see empty empty but absolutely did not think it is such a result, I even too late to regret the day before I was flat out of those empty list, I feel incomparably happy, full of God, Bodhisattva and other gods, objectively, this wave of success in the market I think the ingredients of luck far beyond the technology, All we did was open the position in the direction of the trend, and then a big wave rolled us over to a small island with gold ...   That few hands empty and behind some operations, I am responsible for the total funds of 3 accounts on the string 800W, I overnight fame. Unfortunately, the accounts of Chen total due to the relationship between the funds, no operation of Cu, only made a little money.   after the film has been continued  08 This wave of market, customer, I, steel pipe, a few people are a great harvest. I played 20W for the chubby account and thanked him for witnessing this little journey of life together. I decided to rest for 2 months, go out to travel, relax under the tired mood, by the way after thinking about the path of life planning. Simply packed up the luggage, told the steel tube, the parents, the chubby and the customer my thoughts, then went on the road. The first destination is Xinjiang. , Urumqi, an exotic city, the air is filled with the taste of fruit, it may be my illusion, hehe. It is dark here late, listen to the hotel boss, a person in the streets, in addition to pay attention to thieves, but also try not to a person to do night road. I can tube, carry 1000 pieces of cash, respectively put in socks and front and back pockets on the street, eat everywhere, see the fresh things stop to study research, roadside locals fight I will join in the fun. I do not like to travel to attractions, especially artificial, like Lee Group cigarette advertising Words----life is like a trip, do not care about the purpose of how far, but the mood to see the scenery, let the mood to travel. Yes, the way you walk, all the way, the snacks, customs, from beginning to end scenery, roadside accidental thoughts, all these, is the true meaning of travel. Xinjiang, south of the North in fact, the difference is quite big, the city and the city is not the general distance, I sometimes chartered to open 10 hours to another place, and the way there are few inhabited, I wear no wonder the knife Lang so vicissitudes of the singer. In Xinjiang, sometimes you can feel a person's insignificance, like making a plate, you can't always win the market, timely rest and avoidance, in order to meet the next round of challenges. Over there for about 20 days, planning to go to Tibet, but a little cold, and always good, so they went to Chengdu and Chongqing. In shooting crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Qingcheng Mountain, I sigh unceasingly, and the cold more serious. I decided to go back with my ex-wife to rebuild with good! ~ ... After a few days of negotiation, negotiations, bow to admit, we finally and good, but there is no principled problem lead to break up, of course, the character of everyone is a little bit so stubborn, one side a little step back can be. Do futures sometimes like a man, can go back can become a major event.

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