Question 2: Return Character Sequence (interval DP), return dp

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Question 2: Return Character Sequence (interval DP), return dp
Time Limit: 256 ms single point time limit: Ms memory limit: MB


Returns the number of subsequences of input strings. The reversed Character Sequence is still the same as the original sequence. For example, in the string aba, the input sub-sequence is "a", "a", "aa", "B", and "aba". There are 5 sub-sequences in total. Subsequences with the same content and different locations calculate different subsequences.


The first line is an integer T, indicating the number of data groups. Followed by T group data, each group of data is a string.


Output a row of data in each group in the format of "Case # X: Y". X indicates the data number (starting from 1) and Y indicates the answer. The answer is modulo 100007.

Data range

1 ≤ T ≤ 30

Small Data

String Length ≤ 25

Big Data

String Length ≤ 1000

Sample Input
Sample output
Case #1: 5Case #2: 277Case #3: 1333Case #4: 127Case #5: 17

Use dp [I] [j] to indicate the number of input strings in this segment, then dp [I] [j] = dp [I + 1] [j] + dp [I] [J-1], but dp [I + 1] [j] and dp [I] [J-1] may have a public part, so remove dp [I + 1] [J-1].

If str [I] = str [j], add dp [I + 1] [J-1] + 1.

#include <iostream>#include <cstdio>#include <cstring>#include <cmath>#include <string>#include <iomanip>#include <algorithm>#include <queue>#define MOD 100007using namespace std;int dp[1005][1005];char str[1005];int main(){    int T,cnt=1;    cin>>T;    getchar();    while(T--)    {        gets(str);        int n=strlen(str);        int i,j;        for(i=0;i<n;i++)            dp[i][i]=1;        for(i=1;i<n;i++)        {            for(j=i-1;j>=0;j--)            {                dp[j][i]=(dp[j+1][i]+dp[j][i-1]-dp[j+1][i-1]+MOD)%MOD;                if(str[i]==str[j])                    dp[j][i]=(dp[j][i]+dp[j+1][i-1]+1+MOD)%MOD;            }        }        printf("Case #%d: %d\n",cnt++,dp[0][n-1]);    }    return 0;}

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