Question about Chinese and English characters on window8 flat keyboard

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Several test accounts can log on to the PC client and the web page, but some accounts sometimes return "incorrect account or password" and sometimes correct on the Win8 tablet.
If you enter the user name and password multiple times, make sure that the user name and password are not entered correctly.

The first response was that the server returned results were incorrect, but why is the same account on the tablet sometimes right?

So the simulator debugging finally found the key.

For example, if the account is displayed after you enter it on the tablet, the is displayed ".
You can see that there are two different. ⊙ B Khan

Why is there no problem on the PC? It is because at is @ in both Chinese and English input states on the PC keyboard @. However, the Win8 tablet may be different in Chinese and English.
To enter at in English, you must first switch to the English input method.

(This is not a problem with the program. It is a problem with user input ...... Microsoft's keyboard is a bit bad)

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