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Question refers to the subjective existence of "doubt, doubt", so it is necessary to "answer (answer)".
Problem refers to the objective and difficult problems, sometimes refers to more serious problems, so it is necessary to "solve (solve, work out)".
Matter means "matter, trouble", which is a case of a certain characteristic.
Issue international events or what is being discussed.

For example:
You are haven ' t answered my question. You haven't answered my question yet.

His honesty is beyond question. There is no doubt about his honesty.

A key problem: A critical issue of the problem was the heavy machinery.
The problem is how to move the heavy machine.
They are discussing to solve the problem.

They are discussing how to solve the problem.

This is a matter the no account. This is a matter of no importance.

I can ' t visitors right now. I have a urgent matter to attend.

I can't meet the guests now because I have an urgent matter to do. It is still a serious matter this some people after have drive.
Some people still drink driving is a serious problem.
The word "question" in Chinese can be translated into three words of issue, problem and question in English. So which of the "problems" in the study of international relations should be interpreted in the dictionary? In a scientific perspective, the generalized problem refers to the gap between the current state of a given intelligent activity and the target State that the intelligent subject requires.
1 Puzzle (Problem): "Problem" refers to "the situation that can cause difficulties."
2) Topic (Issue): But "Issue" means "something that you are discussing."
3) The problem (Problem) generally has a clear intention or treatment of the plan, such as on the highway on the bus is broken, it is obvious that the car needs to be repaired, we have no controversy on this issue, only to deal with may be more difficult, this is a difficult problem. And the issue is a kind of unresolved, there is no fixed plan, there is a wide range of social disputes and has a broad social impact of a class of problems. We call this kind of question "the issue" (Issue).
Problem refers to the actual problems or problems that need to be solved, and the verb collocation is pose, raise and solve or resolve, tackle.
such as: No one has solved the problem of what to does with radioactive waste. No man has yet solved the problem of how to deal with radioactive waste.

Question refers to a topic, such as a question in a test paper, by asking or asking someone to answer questions. Verb collocation is ask and answer, such as:

The police asked me questions all day. Why won ' t you answer my question?

Question is equivalent to problem when expressing a problem that needs to be handled or considered. Such as:

This raises the question of teacher pay. The question of the teacher's remuneration was raised.

Problem and question all have the meaning of "problem". Problem usually refers to a problem that waits to be resolved or decided, especially in difficult mathematics, physics, chemistry, and social problems. Question usually means to ask questions and wait for answers because he is puzzled by something. In view of this, according to the question, what is being discussed should be issue.


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