Questions about configuring OpenCV under vs2013 (Win7 64-bit)

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A little note:

    1. If you are going to import someone else's already done project, for OPENCV configuration Be sure to select the project's Solution Explorer, select the project's properties, make OpenCV configuration,

Do not configure in the property manager , because the debug changes in the property manager do not take effect on this project.

2. Be sure to pay attention to the OPENCV version of the project requirements, the number is exactly the same, before the 2.4.13, the result item is 2.4.10 ... The version of VS will be used Ultimate. Had previously pressed a vs_premium,exe


3. With regard to the configuration of the OpenCV environment variable, only the system variable path plus F:\OpenCV_2.4.10\opencv\build\x64\vc12\bin is required; the relative directory of this one is OK.

4. To be aware of the VS version, Debug selects 32 or 64

5. The property manager is configured to apply to its own new project, create a property page, and then, in the new project, import the built-in properties. For an imported project, or to select the project's Solution Explorer, select the project's properties to make the OPENCV configuration better

6 Attach some links OpenCV study Note (a): opencv2.4.13+vs2013 environment Configuration: 53039294,vs Project property Page Properties pages and property manager in the Properties Manager configuration relationship: 48195395, VS Project Properties page property page to configure relationship 45445399 with Attribute manager Properties Manager

Questions about configuring OpenCV under vs2013 (Win7 64-bit)

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