Questions about configuring Pytesseract on Mac

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Because I stepped on the pit for two hours. Especially in the configuration of dependent TESSERACT-ORC identification library problems especially troublesome

Must use Brewhome must use the Brewhome must use the Brewhome

The important thing to say three times.

At first I checked the internet on the dependence of the relationship, I think it is not difficult to download the source code down to compile a variety of problems. I didn't solve it at last.

So it is recommended to use Brewhome to install it slightly more convenient.

These are the gadgets to install.

autoconf    jpeg        libpng        libtoolautomake    leptonica    libtiff        tesseract

Pay special attention to installing the Leptonica before installing tesseract

Using Brewhome is a convenient direct-use command

Brew Install Leptonic

You can do it.

Last install tesseract use command

Brew Install Tesseract

This will cause this error.

Error:you must ' brew link Leptonica ' before tesseract can be installed

Then use the command

Brew Link Tesseract

will also be an error ...

Rror:could not symlink bin/convertfilestopdftarget/usr/local/bin/Convertfilestopdfalready exists. Want to remove it  :'/usr/local/bin/convertfilestopdf ' to force the link and overwrite allconflicting Files:  --overwrite Leptonicato list all files, would be deleted:  --overwrite--dry-run Leptonica

Here are some tips to choose the link mandatory override operation I'm using directly

Brew Link--overwrite Leptonica

And then re-execute

Brew Install Tesseract

You can install it.

These are actually configured only to install Python's Pytesseract module support. Python also needs the support of the PIL library when using this module, which I will not repeat here. Let's find out what else it is. The most troublesome is definitely pytesseract-orc this module, the other should be able to use PIP install to solve.

Questions about configuring Pytesseract on Mac

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