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1. 1. agile development In today's software industry, why does it stand out?

agile development has become popular recently because of its fast iteration. Today, many applications are based on the network and are highly dynamic. This requires developers to emphasize close communication with users and quickly improve and iterate based on user feedback. Specifically, agile development has the following characteristics different from traditional development models: first, agile development emphasizes communication with users, and the purpose of design is to focus on users' ideas. Second, quality Defects prevention is the primary task of quality control for the team, and possible system defects in the development stage are minimized to shorten the development-to-test cycle. Third, ensure that the project quality is available at any time, install and release the development process as much as possible. Fourth, streamline the process, that is, the purpose of all things is to get available software, and try to avoid time spent on tedious development processes.

2. 2. In the course In the industry, our double project uses Pair programming. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pair programming?

Pair programming has the advantages of review and communication at any time, the initial quality of the Program is very high, and it takes a lot of time to modify and test the program. In addition, the programming efficiency will be improved under mutual supervision of the two. In addition, both of them are given the opportunity to learn the programming style of each other, and may change their long-standing bad programming habits, which may never be discovered in personal programming. However, when we conduct a Pair programming project, we may not have enough experience. We find more disadvantages of Pair programming. Because both of them are against Silverlight

3.3. So far, there have been nearly half of team programming. What stages should team programming go through?

In the first two weeks, our team went through the initial sprout and run-in period. The five members in the team are from four departments and do not understand each other's personality and programming habits. We learned about each other's interests in discussing project topics and future macro planning, I have also recognized everyone's programming skills, which laid the foundation for future task allocation and group management. Two weeks later, the questions of our project were basically fixed, PM Assigned their respective tasks and formulated some unified programming modes and standards, and the team entered the standard stage. Now, all the tasks are in full swing, and the team members cooperate with each other, Alpha The version is about to emerge, which is the stage of creation.

4.4. After the project is over, how should we measure the performance of each team member?

The traditional measurement method is to develop different evaluation criteria based on different roles of project members, such TestThe evaluation criteria can be found after each version is released Bug , Dev IsCodeCheck in quality before completion, whether to deliver on schedule, and after Code Completion BugNumber and code refactoring capabilities. For our Group, because the division of labor is relatively independent and parallel, the score evaluation can be evaluated based on the effect of the responsible module, as compared with the expected difference, and the user experience.

5.5 If you do not want to engage in software development in the future, what do you think is the purpose of learning software engineering?

If you are not engaged in software development in the future, some specific development methods in the book can be ignored, but the methodology for how a project is completed is what people who are engaged in any work want to learn, for example, the allocation principle of project tasks, completion cycle and performance evaluation. Software Engineering can be said to teach us more about teamwork, while projects in the course allow us to truly understand the problems and inherent charm of cooperation.

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