Quick and easy method for Win10 mobile OneDrive folder location, win10onedrive

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Quick and easy method for Win10 mobile OneDrive folder location, win10onedrive

Win10 OneDrive Directory change tutorial. By default, the OneDrive folder is located in C: \ Users \ your USERNAME \ OneDrive. However, if there are too many files in OneDrive, the C disk space is insufficient, therefore, if you want to move the OneDrive folder, follow these steps.

Right-click the OneDrive icon in the tray area of the taskbar and choose Settings )"

On the Account tab, click Unlink this PC (Unlink this PC )"

Click confirm Association;

In this case, do not close the OneDrive logon window. At this time, move your OneDrive folder to your intended location. For example, if you move from drive C to drive D, you can rename it, for example, OneDriveAdam or Jane's Microsoft Cloud .;

Return to the logon window and enter your email address and password;

In the following window, you will see a prompt for modifying the OneDrive folder location, and click "Change location )"

Select the new location you just moved and click OK;

Now you will see the following warning, click "Use this location (Use this location;

After confirming, we will see that the folder location has been changed;

Click "Next". We can re-select which files and folders need to be synchronized, and then click "Next;

When the following figure appears, we can click Close Window. After the above simple steps, the migration of the OneDrive folder is completed. Next, you need to wait a few minutes for the system to automatically compare the local file with the cloud. After that, it will officially end.


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