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Whether you are in the office or in business negotiations, use the WPS Mobile version, on the phone or tablet can play the presentation to the customer. Imagine that you are on the way to see customers, or soon to stage a speech, be notified that a number or part of the text in the PPT need to be modified, how to do? The following Mo step-by-step teaches you how to easily edit the PPT document in the WPS Mobile version.

First of all, please put the WPS Mobile version into the tablet like Mo, and save the PPT document that needs to be demonstrated or edited into the tablet. If you are a Jinshan fast-disk user, you can also upload the ppt file to the cloud store on your PC for direct invocation.

Run WPS Mobile version, open a ppt with "ppt" or "PPTX" orange logo, or go to "Jinshan fast disk" to read the PPT presentation file online. In addition to being able to play a PowerPoint presentation, you can also edit it directly in the WPS mobile version, such as adding or modifying text content, changing paragraph formatting, and inserting pictures to make it easy.

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A MO after a study found that for WPS Mobile version of the PowerPoint manuscript editing, there are "font, paragraph and insert" three major functions. To modify the text in a document, simply open the PPT document, point two to the text box you want to modify, and then select Edit from the menu that pops up, and then you can enter new text content.

Of course, if you want to modify the content of the PPT document, after you select the text box you want to modify, you can select the font form for the WPS Mobile version of the font bar, such as font size, font color, and bold, which is quite easy to set.

Opening a PowerPoint presentation, MO sometimes doesn't like the default style of paragraphs in a slide. At this time, a MO can fully use the WPS Mobile version to change their favorite paragraph style. The method is to select the paragraph content, and then in the paragraph area, choose paragraph alignment, text direction, and line spacing, which is as handy as editing a PowerPoint presentation on your PC.

When you edit a PowerPoint presentation, MO Most like the WPS mobile version of the "Insert" function, that is, to insert a new content in the PPT, just hand pointing to the "Insert" icon, and then select Pictures, text boxes, shapes or notes, its PPT editing function does not seem inferior to desktop office software, Make it easy for business people to make complete, beautiful PowerPoint presentations.

Overall comments: For the business elite, they often have to contact the PPT presentation, and often have to modify some of the manuscript, the WPS Mobile version is useful. And from this article a MO model tutorial can be seen. In mobile office, whether it is to play or edit PPT presentation documents, tablets and WPS Mobile version of the cooperation can be competent!

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