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A few days ago, when I saw my colleague writing an object-class file, I checked the fields in the PLSQL table and typed the characters in vs2005. I also checked whether the statements were wrong from time to time. I can't bear the hard work of my colleagues. Then he recommended the UE-based skills:
1. Copy all fields in the PLSQL table. Select all fields, right-click them, and select copy comma separated (1)

(Figure 1)

2. Open UE and copy it to the document. (2)

(Figure 2)

3. Replace the comma. The shortcut key ctlr + R opens the Replace window, replaces the comma with null (replace with does not input anything), and replaces all. (3. Change the image to be replaced)

(Figure 3)

4. Select the column mode on the toolbar. The shortcut key is Alt + C. (4)

(Figure 4)

5. In column mode, drag the mouse from top to bottom on the left of the field. (5)

(Figure 5)

6. In the 5 State, enter private string. (6)

(Figure 6)
7. Edit the semicolon in column mode. First, let us explain the problem: when the data length of the first row is not the longest, the row-based line that is dragged by the mouse will pass through other rows. (7) We can add other characters to the first line so that the length of all rows is the longest. After editing, we can remove them. (8, 9) edit the semicolon (10, 11) in the above tips of the application)

(Figure 7)

(Figure 8)

(Figure 9)

(Figure 10)

(Figure 11)
8. paste the result to vs2005. (12)

(Figure 12)

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