Quick Create website 3.1 WordPress data import

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This article is the 5th of the fast-track creation series, and if you have not read the previous content, it is recommended that you click on the chapters in the following directory to read the other content before returning to this article.

1. Website management platform WordPress and cloud computing Platform Azure Introduction (6 minutes this article)
2.1 Creating websites and Web site operations on Azure (13 minutes)
2.2 Domain binding operations and Azure load balancing mechanism (12 minutes)
2.3 WordPress initialization and website management function (11 minutes)
3.1 WordPress Data import (12 minutes)
3.2 WordPress Multi-site support and Azure online Code Editor (14 minutes)
3.3 WordPress Multi-language support multisite Language switcher (15 mins)
3.4 WordPress Theme Installation and configuration to beautify your website (15 mins)
4.1 Visual Studio Online (VSO) development platform (11 minutes)
4.2 Build a DevOps environment with Visual Studio Online and Azure (13 minutes)

In the third part, we have completed the Azure site creation, domain binding and WordPress site initialization, our WordPress site has been able to access the normal. In this section (3.1), I will first complete the old blog data import, this operation may not be necessary for you, you can skip. However, in the latter part of this article I will introduce you to change the URL format, to ensure that WordPress can follow the way we want to display the address of the article, in the video I will also on the WordPress article editing page more detailed introduction.

Please read this article in conjunction with the video

WordPress Data Import

Migrating sites between different servers is a common thing, and the processing of data in this process is often the hardest thing to fix. WordPress through the plug-in provides a good solution, in this blog site erection process, I used the WordPress importer this plugin to complete from the old blog (http://www.almnetworks.net) centripetal blog (http/ Anb.io) Migration, the reason to choose this plugin is mainly because this is the built-in features of WordPress, and later separated into a plug-in, and my old blog used by the very old version of WordPress, in order to ensure the availability of data, the choice of this plugin.

Import steps:

    1. First use the export feature on the old blog, and select all content (including articles, comments and pages)

      When you click Download Export file, you get an XML document:
    2. Install WordPress Importer plugin on a new blog

      Click After WordPress will prompt to install WordPress Importer this plugin, click Install can

      Note: It is important to check that the compatible version of the plugin is consistent with or exceeds what you are using to ensure that the plugin is working properly. After the installation is complete, the following page is displayed, ensuring that the result is successful can be clicked Activate Plugin & Run Importer can be used.

    3. Use the plugin to import the XML file you downloaded before selecting and click the Upload File and import button

      Since there are 2 users on the previous blog, and the new blog has only one user, importer will require user mapping. Also select Download and import file attachments. The final option is to allow importer to download attachment files such as images from the old blog and import them into the file system of the new blog. Because WordPress uses the file system to save a class of attachments, and the previous XML file contains only the contents of the database, it is necessary to use this option to ensure that all content can be imported correctly.

      After the import is complete, importer may prompt for some files that cannot be downloaded, and we directly click on the "Fun" to go to the next step, which may be due to some bad links in previous articles.

    4. Verifying data switching to posts | All Posts page, you should be able to see the previous article shows out.

      You can also open the homepage of the blog directly and see the effect the user will see.
WordPress Fixed link format configuration

In 2.3 I introduced WordPress can use a meaningful URL, but by default this feature is not enabled, if we click Edit to enter the above article on the editing page, you will notice that the current article URL is the use of random ID.

Click the Change Permalinks button next to it and we can modify this setting. Generally my habit is to use the title of the article directly as a fixed link, so choose the Post name option and save it.

Return to the article boundary page and refresh, you will see the permalink has already used the article title, here you can click Edit to specify this link. If your title is in Chinese, it will also be used directly, but this is not in line with the general usage habits, so in the future to add new articles can be edited on their own, to ensure that the kiss principle.

Introduction to WordPress article editing tools

The main features of this editor have been described in more detail in the previous blog (2.1), which you can click to view.

Here we have completed the data import, in the next section (3.2) We will be a multi-site upgrade to WordPress, so that different sites can be used to place articles in different languages.

Please pay attention to the public number Anb-io, weekly push content, have the technology also has the life, together to make a sentimental program ape.

Quick Create website 3.1 WordPress data import

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