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With the increasing development of web technology, Flash has become a popular animation format, while in the popular Office software demo documents inserted in the Flash but always need to multi-point, a small set of errors, it often leads to the full bureau is wrong. Then, we need to take the steps carefully recorded in the book, and then look around, or, not to have, to use the time to search from Baidu;

A while ago in an expert advice small try the domestic Office software WPS, if the effect is extraordinary, now in the demo document inserted Flash is as easy as inserting a picture. In the next quite a "suddenly look back, that person is in the lights dim place" Feeling, in this also boldly to recommend to you.

First of all, we open WPS Demo, do other preparation work, such as drawing, text, animation and other production, and reserve the position to insert the flash.

Figure 1

Then, in the toolbar insert, you can see the "Flash ..." command listed separately, unlike some popular Office software that requires control control and so on. We select this command, and in the pop-up dialog box that pops up, we can select the flash that needs to be added to our slides.

Figure 2

Finally, choose the Play command or press F5, that is, we can see our flash in the demo document sound and smooth play. WPS Demo Insert Flash is really an unexpected simple and quick, after the use can not help but praise: The foreign moon may not have our own circle!

Figure 3

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