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When the internet is not only looking at the Web page, users of the browser requirements are increasingly high. It is imminent to break the traditional thinking and provide innovative functions. May 10, proud tour new release, joined the unique "fast application" function. Through this function, users can be a key to the beloved site, without opening the browser, not to mention open collection, enter the Web site, such as cumbersome operation, simple and quick.

Save Web pages for quick apps

"Fast application" function simple, just click on the tab right button, select "Save as Fast application" option, in the pop-up dialog box to improve the information, click OK to generate a quick application.

Figure I

This step can also be achieved by clicking on the "menu-page-Save as Fast app" in the upper-right corner. In the Save dialog box, the user can modify the name of the quick application and save the address with the Quick application icon. The default save address has two choices, "Send to Desktop" and "Lock to Taskbar", where the "lock to Taskbar" option only takes effect under the Win7 system.

Figure II

Each page can be repeatedly generated by the application, because the default name is the title of the page, the same page on the desktop generated by the Quick application icon will be overwritten, so in the same page to save multiple fast applications, it is best to apply the name.

Figure Three

Use of "Quick application"

The fast application after saving will generate a shortcut icon on the desktop and taskbar, and the icon pattern automatically chooses the logo of the site. Click on the corresponding icon, this "quick application" will open in a separate window.

Figure Four

Through the "Fast Application" feature open web window, there is no traditional browser address bar, status bar, toolbar, such as "standard" interface components, and some just a simple border. As simple as the surface, in the Quick application window, all the other browser components will not start. Because these components are not loaded, the Quick application window can do with the open, instant response, never muddy.

The Quick Apply window has no traditional toolbars, only a control button in the upper-right corner to open a simple control menu.

Figure Five

Full Screen: Proud Tour "Quick Application" window can be full screen open, in full screen state, the application window border, the system taskbar are hidden, to maximize the use of the screen.

Always at the front: when you use multiple programs at the same time, choose this to stay proud. The Quick application window will always appear at the front and will not be obscured by other programs.

Minimize to System tray: Check this, minimize the proud swim Fast application window will not stay on the taskbar, but into the lower right corner of the system tray to become an icon.

If it's just a shortcut to open a Web page, it's certainly not "innovative". Proud Tour "Fast Application" features generated by each fast application has independent user data. When needed, users can log in with different identities in multiple fast applications on the same site, such as opening two webqq at the same time and using multiple microblogs.

Figure Six

Proud of the browser has been the domestic browser industry leader: the first domestic browser; the first one to propose a dual-core concept, the first, and so far the only one with independent core of the domestic browser. Now, proud of the browser break that is the concept of "fast application" function into the browser, so that the Internet once again enjoy the innovative thinking and research and development capabilities.

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