Quick props to all of the authors/sites that helped me get started with Alchemy:

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Quick props to all of the authors/sites that helped me get started with Alchemy:
-Forcing stdin/stdout to deal with ActionScript bytearrays:

-Flyield () Example:

-Process for compiling multiple source files under GCC:

-Alchemy documentation

More on all of those things coming in the next few posts!

Copy From labs.byhook.com.

After read these articles: C module can callback Action Script. Action Script can call C module function. (e.g. initlize library ).

# One way is port existed BW network and connection interface within alchemy. Like: Ogg, Lua... (can be tested quickly)

# One way is create network Gatway between BW server cluster and web clients. (shocould be done first)


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