Quick wireless network implementation in Windows XP

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Wireless network technology is no longer limited to the latest operating system. It can also be used for classic windows systems. Here we will take win xp as an example to introduce how to implement wireless networks.

With the advent of wireless networks, more Internet users will feel the rapid development and convenience of the network age. Taking Windows XP as an example, you can quickly implement a wireless network using the following steps.

1. on the Windows XP system desktop, click "start", "set", and "Control Panel" commands to open the control panel window, and double-click the Network icon, open the "Network Connection" interface;

2. on this page, right-click the "wireless network connection" icon and execute the "properties" command from the shortcut menu that will be opened later, in this way, the "Wireless Network Connection Properties" Setting dialog box is automatically displayed;

3. Here, you can select the "wireless network configuration" tab with the mouse, and on the tab page that will pop up later, select "use Windows to configure my wireless network configuration" with the mouse to enable automatic wireless network configuration;

4. Click the "advanced" button to open the "advanced" Setting dialog box, and select the "computer-only (specific)" option in the dialog box, in this way, computers are connected to each other;

5. If you want to connect directly to your computer and retain the access point, you can select "any available network (preferred access point)" with your mouse;

6. If a network is available in the preferred access point wireless network, the system will first try to connect to the access point wireless network. If the Access Point Network in the current system is unavailable, then the system will automatically try to connect to the peer-to-peer wireless network;

7. For example, when a laptop is used in a wireless network at work and then moved to another computer for use in a computer network, the automatic wireless network configuration function will automatically change the wireless network parameter settings as needed. You can directly connect to the home network without any changes;

8. After completing the preceding settings, click the "close" button to exit the settings page and click "OK" to complete the wireless connection setting for the wireless LAN, if the parameter is set correctly, the system will automatically prompt that the wireless network connection is successful.

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