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This article describes how to skillfully use Word replacement and transformation of the combination of application, efficient completion of personnel registration form, product parameters table, such as a large number of the same format table and need to quickly summarize the table data work.

A recent effort to collect information from all the company's technicians has been requested. In advance, the need to use Word production of technical personnel registration form documents distributed to everyone, please fill out each and then collect to me. I will need to combine the hundreds of forms that are recycled into a summary of the technical staff data. How do you summarize and generate a summary table with so many formatted word tables in one row per table? The following is an example of how to do this in Word 2007 with the Summary Technician registration form.

The technician registration form for collecting form files is a list of documents, which means hundreds of people have to have hundreds of forms. We have to get all the tables together in the same file to make the summary, which can be achieved through the Insert File function of Word.

First, save all the table files in the same folder, for example: D: Technicians. Open Word2007 Create a new document, switch to the Insert tab and click Object in the Type area to select text in file. Open the D: Technicians folder in the Insert Files window, press CTRL + A to select all the technician registration files, click the Insert button, All the tables in the file can be pooled into the current document (Figure 1).

Eliminate fragmentation Because subsequent summary operations require a paragraph mark to differentiate between cell data, you need to eliminate all segments inside and outside the table by replacing them before you have deviations in the subsequent operation.

Switch to the Start tab, and click Replace in the edit area to open the Find and Replace Window. Position the cursor in the Find what input box, click the More button to expand the advanced options, and then click the Special Characters button to select paragraph mark to enter the Find content ^p. Replace with @@, click Replace All to replace all paragraph marks with @@. Now all the segments in the document have disappeared.

In this case, only replace the @@ instead of deleting the fragment in the recovery cell after the rollup. In addition, the replacement @@ can be replaced with other text content, but make sure that the text does not appear in all tables, so that there is no error after resuming the fragment.

Convert to Text Word 2007, although it provides table-text functionality, it can only convert one table at a time. Like this, you need to convert all the hundreds of forms into text, directly to the text of the table to be exhausted. The solution is actually very simple, as long as all the tables and text into a nested table, you can convert to text together.

Press CTRL + A to select all the text and the table, and then click the Insert tab's form selection text to table. In the Convert Text to table window, select the paragraph mark option under text separation to determine that the conversion is complete. Switch to the Layout tab of table options immediately, click Convert to text in the data area, and select the paragraph mark single option and the Convert nested table option in the Convert Table to text window to determine that the conversion is complete. You can now see that each cell in the table has a single row of data, a row for empty cells, and a single line of content outside the table (Figure 2). Because of the different alignment of the cell data, some of the converted text is left in the middle, which does not affect the subsequent operation.

The Summary Table rollup operation requires a large page width to display, so you must first click Paper size under the Page Layout tab to select More page size, and set the width to 55.87 cm in the Page Setup window. If you are prompted to exceed the print area, click the Ignore button.

Now press CTRL + A to select all the text, on the Insert tab, click Table Select Text to table. In the Convert Text to table window, enter the number of columns to 23, AutoFit to select "Adjust table by content", text-separated position to select paragraph mark, to determine the completion of the conversion. You can now see the Data Rollup table for each table that has a single row of data.

The next step is to remove the irrelevant column and tidy it up. First click to position the input cursor in column 1th, and then click Delete Column on the Layout tab of the table tools to delete column 1th. Repeat this step to remove unwanted 2, 4, 6, 8, and so on in the summary table, and resize the column widths and alignment. Then click Replace on the Start tab to find @@ replaced with ^p to restore the original paragraph in the cell. Then select the first row and select Insert Row to insert a blank line at the front and enter the caption text in it. Before the 1th cell header, enter a blank row on the table and type the total title of the table. Finally, reset the paper size (Figure 3) and save the current file as a "Technician summary table." DOCX "is done.

Note: The number of columns set at the time of conversion is 23 based on the number of paragraphs in which all data in a single table is converted to text. You can select all the text in the first table (including the total title) before converting to a summary table, and click the Word count on the left side of the status bar in the words window, and you can see the number of paragraphs in the selection in the Word Count window.

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