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When the students all know, and sometimes look for information, see pictures and images of the page to copy it in the Word document, then the picture and text are mixed, want to save it is very complex, but if the use of WPS, everything will be very simple, the following see how WPS is done.

 1. Save Web pages

Access the target Web page in the browser, execute menu "file" → "Save as", File type Select "page, all".

 Save Web Page

2. Open HTML file with WPS text

Execute "file" → "open", File type Select "Web File" or "All files" to open just download the "[papers eight] how to use WPS to make PDF" HTML file.

Open HTML file

The effect after opening:

 Effect after opening

3, remove unwanted parts

Note: The text that appears in tabular form, can be selected to perform "table" → "convert" → "table convert to Text" to remove the table extra box.

Remove the extra parts and the effects of the table outer frame:


4. Save as WPS document or Word document

Finally, save as a WPS document or Word document.

Just four steps, you can convert the page you want to a WPS document or Word document. Use WPS to open the HTML file, you will see the rules on the Web page, but as long as the implementation of the table converted to text, you can render the file a normal document style.

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