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The layer mask in PS is a very flexible and useful tool, because it can hide unwanted parts of the image, and when it needs to be displayed again, it can be recovered, not wiped away like an eraser. But when we apply PS layer masks, we often encounter small problems that provide solutions to these problems.

 Problem one: The layer mask does not work correctly

For beginners who just touch Photoshop, because they are in the initial stage of learning PS, you may encounter a variety of problems, if you encounter a layer mask can not work, you may wish to look at the following solutions.

Scenario 1: Make sure the layer mask is selected correctly

Before you work on a layer mask, you need to verify that the layer mask is selected as the action layer. If you plan to use a layer mask, but you find that it is painted black or white on the canvas, you may forget to select the layer mask. This is a very easy mistake to make, because we usually directly select the actual layer to operate.

Therefore, the prerequisite for editing a layer mask effectively is to correctly select the layer mask in the Layer Control Panel. If selected correctly, there is a frame around the mask thumbnail, as shown in the following figure.

 Scenario 2: Do not allow other masks to affect operations

If you have a layer with a mask above the action layer, the shaded part does not display the effect, regardless of the operation. This usually occurs in the operation of the copy layer, mistaking the image of the replica for other masks. The solution to this situation is simple, you can easily see the effect of the adjustment mask as long as all the layers that are unrelated to the operation are turned off.

Scenario 3: Check if the layer is locked

When the PS layer is locked, no other action can be made. This setting prevents the image from being corrupted because of misoperation, which is a bit depressing if you want to add a layer mask without discovering that the layer is locked. Because the layer is locked, the Add Layer mask option is hidden, so just remove the lock before you manipulate the layer mask.

Problem Two: You can't use brushes on a layer mask

Some problems are not in the layer mask itself, but in the brush tool. See if these solutions will help you solve your problems further.

Scenario 1: Set the brush to normal mode

Sometimes mistakes made in PS seem silly, but there is no denying that sometimes it is. If you have confirmed that the layer mask has been selected, but still cannot use the brush, you should first check the brush blending mode. If the blending mode is in other modes except normal mode, be sure to set it back. Also, just in case, when working on a layer mask, set the brush to a standard round stroke, setting the color to black or white.

Scenario 2: Adjust the opacity and flow of the brush

One of the reasons you see that the action on the layer mask is very ugly and clear is that the brush is not transparent or the brush flow is set at a lower value. Opacity and flow control the amount of black and white on the canvas. If you set the opacity and traffic to very low, say 1%, you can't see the color on the canvas. If two options are first set to 100%, if you need less color, set two options down.

Under 1% opacity and 100% opacity, the effect of using the Brush tool is shown in the following illustration.

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