". China" domain name August Global registration tide launched brand defense

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". China" domain name August Global registration tide launched brand defense

Since August, netizens can visit relevant websites simply by entering simplified "Chinese. China" in the browser address bar. Billions of of the world's Internet users use Chinese in any region of the globe, as long as they enter Chinese in the IE Address bar. China, you can get to the Web page you want to visit directly.

Since June this year, the Chinese domain name has been formally incorporated into the global Internet root domain Name system through all the review links of the Internet name and number distribution Agency (ICANN), which has set off the ". China" domain name registration storm. Data from Cnnic show that up to now, more than 90% of the national ministries, provincial government agencies, more than 95% of the media news sites, more than 90% of the National 211 key universities, more than 50% of China's hundred companies and more than 40% of China's 500 strong enterprises have been opened ". China" domain name.
Not only that, many old companies have also attached importance to the ". China" domain name. The author recently found that many old used ". China" domain name, only in the address bar input "' China's old ' + '" Chinese characters will be able to enter the corporate web site. The author casually tried "Maotai, China", "Tao Heung Village," two domain names, can quickly access the company's official website to learn the latest information.
Internet experts believe that the ". China" domain name is inherent in the nationalization, localization characteristics of a huge potential for development. It has obvious advantage to protect and publicize many Chinese traditional culture brands. Top-level registrar of the era of the internet (http://down.111cn.net) told the author, "China" domain name for those "Chinese old" enterprises, the domain name means that the brand, English can not accurately express the meaning of it, passing the brand contains historical and cultural significance.

Recently, China Internet Information Center has issued a reminder that this August, "China" officially opened the domain name may be warming up, the majority of enterprises and institutions must attach importance to correct registration and application to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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