"Accessibility" 20 excellent mobile product prototypes and wireframe design tools (ii)

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11. Wireframesketcher

Wireframesketcher is a powerful, flexible wireframe and prototyping quick-authoring tool for desktop and mobile app developers. Wireframesketcher can be used as a standalone app or as an Eclipse plugin.

Wireframesketcher is also a simple, hand-painted authoring tool so you won't be bothered by the details. It contains a large number of UI controls that allow you to customize your settings flexibly. Optimized interfaces, multiple shortcuts, lattice snapping, and intelligent booting make wireframesketcher a fast and efficient choice. Mockups Gallery also stores a large number of plugins, templates, and icons available for download.

12, Omnigraffle

OmniGraffle is an app made by the Omni group with a large number of templates that can be used to quickly plot diagrams, charts, flowcharts, org charts and illustrations, and to organize the thinking in the mind, and has won the 2002 Apple Design Award.

It uses a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface that lets you draw custom templates or graphics with the pen tool, plus multiple iphone, ipad, and Android templates from Graffletopia.

13, Pidoco

Pidoco is a web-based prototyping software designed to quickly create clickable wireframes. It can also be used to create user interface prototypes for Web site projects, mobile projects, and enterprise applications. It is easier to use with intelligent sharing and collaboration capabilities and a convenient usability test module.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can use the software's own mobile UI elements to quickly create a mobile app prototype, or use the Mobile page template to save more time. You can choose "plain" or "sketched" mode to show your wireframe.

14, Flairbuilder

Flairbuilder is a quick prototyping tool that you can use to create interactive wireframes that can help you upgrade your low-fidelity sketches to high-fidelity wireframes. Flairbuilder has more than 70 built-in widgets or small components, plus a large number of templates. You can easily and quickly preview your project and output a fully functional HTML prototype. Wireframes appear in a tree structure, Flairbuilder can read your wireframe and produce a hierarchical sitemap that is easy to see.

Flairbuilder with iOS and Android templates, you can output prototypes in HTML, making it easy to test on the real machine.

15. IPhone mockup

The biggest feature of the IPhone mockup is its simple, simple wireframe (illustration) and hand-drawn style wireframe (pencil) online prototyping tool that allows you to switch freely between the two styles.

IPhone Mockup supports co-authoring and synchronizing data/operations, and everyone can know that projects have made those changes, as long as they have the URL of the project and everyone can edit it online. IPhone mockup supports Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8 browsers.
The disadvantage is that there is no password protection and the components are limited, but it is a basic and simplest tool to upload pictures and change text labels.

16, HotGloo

Hotgloo is an online tool that makes prototypes for traditional software and rich Internet applications, and is friendly and powerful. There are many controls and UI elements that you can use frequently, drag the mouse to the canvas, and then organize the drawing. Can effectively help users to improve the traditional software and rich Internet application software fast design and interactive user interface entity model planning process.

Recently, the software has added a template kit for ipad and iphone, including basic interface elements such as tags, icons, maps, buttons, and a large number of table views.

Hotgloo's lightweight but very powerful template system is impressive, double-clicking on editable template components and helping to emphasize responsive interactive design in the app. Collaboration allows multiple teams to participate in wireframes, and you can invite people to see or give you feedback and comments. The built-in chat feature allows members to discuss the drawing of wireframes in real time.

17, Invision

Invision is a handy product prototyping tool that requires only four of users to create an online prototype: Creating a project, uploading visual design, adding links, and generating online prototypes.

Specifically, Invision provides a fast prototyping environment that is not an accurate wireframe, and can quickly connect your ux/ui sketches. The digital wireframe and high-fidelity design can help you test the work of your app, while the tool also supports collaboration and sharing capabilities, and the resulting online prototypes can support anyone commenting anywhere in the product's prototype to facilitate accurate communication.

For iOS development, Invision also adds additional features, such as customizing the Home screen icon and customizing the load page.

18. mokk.me  

Mokk.me is a simple and fast prototyping tool that allows you to create an app that can be shared, tested, and multi-platform without the need to understand single-line programming with simple drag-and-drop operations on the interface. Currently, Mokk.me is testing, but it is a simple basic tool that anyone can use to create an app layout. You can drag, drop, or edit gadgets, build and connect pages, and choose transition animations. It also features pages and buttons, picture gadgets, text input, and check boxes.

Plus, you can do other things with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and once you've created prototypes, you can share them and test them on iOS and Android.

19, Iplotz

The Iplotz is a prototype and wireframe tool that can be used to create clickable, navigable navigation for Web developers and mobile app developers. You can drag and drop components on an adjustable page and connect them to add links to other screen or page hotspots. You can choose to use the Iphone/ipad template or the Android template, and any template has unique component settings.
The Iplotz interface is easy to understand, supports collaborative work, shared editing privileges, task management, and evaluation systems. In addition, items can be exported in ipml, JPG, PNG, PDF, and HTML.

20. Pencil Project

Pencil is an open source tool that can be used to create charts and GUI prototypes, as a standalone app or as a Firefox plugin. Built-in templates can help you draw a wide variety of user interfaces in your desktop and mobile interface, including flowcharts, UIs, and general-purpose graphics.

With its built-in templates, you can create a linked document and output it as an HTML file, a PNG, a OpenOffice document, a Word document, and a PDF. Pencil Project also contains a large number of mobile app templates.

Excerpt from: http://www.cocoachina.com/ios/20130408/5949.html

"Accessibility" 20 excellent mobile product prototypes and wireframe design tools (ii)

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