"Algorithmic Technology Handbook" George T. Heineman (author) epub+mobi+azw3

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Developing robust software requires efficient algorithms, and programmers often go to the algorithm until the problem occurs. The Algorithmic Technology manual explains many of the existing algorithms that can be used to solve a variety of problems. By reading it, you can learn how to choose and implement the right algorithm to achieve your goals. In addition, the book's mathematical depth is moderate enough to allow you to understand and analyze the performance of the algorithm.
Compared to the theory, the Algorithmic Technology Handbook is more focused on application. The Algorithmic Technology Handbook provides an efficient code solution that can be written in multiple languages, making it easy for you to apply it to specific projects. With the algorithmic technology Manual, you can:
· Address specific code issues, or improve the performance of existing solutions
· Quickly find the algorithm that is relevant to the problem you are solving and decide which algorithm is the most appropriate one.
· Explore algorithmic solutions and development tips for using C, C + +, Java, and Ruby
· Understand the expected performance of the algorithm and the conditions it needs to achieve maximum performance
· Discover a similar design philosophy between different algorithms
· Learn advanced data structures to improve the performance of the algorithm
With the Algorithmic Technology Handbook, you can learn how to improve the performance of your algorithms, which will be key to your software application's success.

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"Algorithmic Technology Handbook" George T. Heineman (author) epub+mobi+azw3

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