"Android Dev that dissected thing" Android real Machine debug off USB cable

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Life is a toss, the previous time to clean up the server code almost, and now to start tinkering with our lovely Android.

When I first saw this long USB cable I was irritable, wireless network is so common, why I debug a program to connect USB floss? Now even the wireless mouse is off, there is a radio source left. Now it's very uncomfortable to have a long USB cable attached to a computer. In the spirit of a bad heart to try to find out how to use WiFi debugging our code. The results have really been found.

The steps are as follows:

1, in the Android phone installed a call adbwireless app, go to search, here I also give a connection: http://www.coolapk.com/apk/siir.es.adbWireless

Forgot to say, the premise is that the phone to root good, and the computer is in the same LAN. After the installation is finished, click the middle button directly, and you will see the prompt:

ADB Connect 192.168.1.xxx

2, on your computer, the command line into the SDK directory to Platform-tools, execute the above command:

ADB Connect 192.168.1.xxx
3. Run your project and you will see the apk uploaded to your phone via wifi. And log will be displayed in Logcat.

It's cool, isn't it?

Well, today this is a bad thing to be here, in fact, Android development is so dissected. For other broken things, see column:

More about Android development, see the column: "Android development that dissected thing"

"Android Dev that dissected thing" Android real Machine debug off USB cable

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