"C Language Learning", C Primer Plus, chapter 6th C control Statements: Loops

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Learning Summary

1, the circulation of the grammar and other languages are not bad, probably most of the language on the basis of the development of C, so much the same is not strange.

2, in the judgment expression, only 0 of C language is considered false, all non-0 value positive integers are considered true.

1#include <stdio.h>2 intMain () {3         if(0)4printf"0 is true\n");5         if(1)6printf"1 is true\n");7         if(-1)8printf"-1 is true\n");9         return 0;Ten}

Operation Result:

1 is True

-1 is True

3, the For loop has three expressions, the first expression to initialize the counter, the second expression to express restrictions on the computer, and a third expression to change the value of the counter. The For loop has a lot of flexibility, and expressions can have multiple expressions that coexist with the comma operator. But the use of too flashy words will tend to the code readability and maintenance costs increased, or honestly use for (i=0;i<n;i++) it.

4, Programming exercises (Title 4):

1#include <stdio.h>2 intMain () {3         intI,j,mid,c,min,max;4C=Ten;5Mid=C;6          for(i=0; i<c;i++){7min=mid-i;8Max=mid+i;9                  for(j=0; j<max;j++){Ten                         if((min-1) <=j&&j<max) { Oneprintf"$"); A}Else{ -printf" "); -                         } the                         if(j== (max-1)){ -printf"\ n"); -                         } -                 } +         } -printf"\ n"); +         return 0; A}

Operation Result:

5, Programming exercises (title 16):

1#include <stdio.h>2 3 intMain () {4         Doublem= -, v=0.08;5         intI=1;6          while(i) {7m=m* (1+V)-Ten;8                 if(m>0){9i++;Ten}Else{ One                          Break; A                 } -         } -printf"%d years would over\n", i); the         return 0; -}

Operation Result:

Years would over

"C Language Learning", C Primer Plus, chapter 6th C control Statements: Loops

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