"CF" 259 Div.1 B Little Pony and Harmony Chest

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It's also quite interesting to have a status DP topic.

1 /*435B*/2#include <iostream>3#include <string>4#include <map>5#include <queue>6#include <Set>7#include <stack>8#include <vector>9#include <deque>Ten#include <algorithm> One#include <cstdio> A#include <cmath> -#include <ctime> -#include <cstring> the#include <climits> -#include <cctype> -#include <cassert> -#include <functional> +#include <iterator> -#include <iomanip> + using namespacestd; A //#pragma COMMENT (linker, "/stack:102400000,1024000") at  - #defineSTI set<int> - #defineStpii Set<pair<int, int> > - #defineMpii map<int,int> - #defineVI vector<int> - #definePII pair<int,int> in #defineVpii vector<pair<int,int> > - #defineRep (I, A, n) for (int i=a;i<n;++i) to #definePer (i, a, n) for (int i=n-1;i>=a;--i) + #defineCLR Clear - #definePB Push_back the #defineMP Make_pair * #defineFIR First $ #defineSEC SecondPanax Notoginseng #defineAll (x) (x). Begin (), (x). End () - #defineSZ (x) ((int) (x). Size ()) the #defineLson L, Mid, rt<<1 + #defineRson mid+1, R, rt<<1|1 A  the Const intMAXN = $; + intMASK[MAXN]; - BOOLVISIT[MAXN]; $ intP[MAXN]; $ Const intm = -; - Const intN = (1&LT;&LT;M) +5; - Const intINF =0x1f1f1f1f; the intdp[ the][n]; - intpath[ the][n];Wuyi inta[ the]; the  - voidinit () { Wu     intI, j, k =0; -      About      for(i=2; i<maxn; ++i) { $         if(!Visit[i]) { -p[k++] =i; -              for(J=i*i; j<maxn; j+=i) -VISIT[J] =true; A         } +     } the      -      for(i=1; i<maxn; ++i) { $          for(j=0; j<m; ++j) { the             if(I%p[j] = =0) { theMask[i] |= (1<<j); the             } the         } -     } in      the #ifndef Online_judge theprintf"p[%d] =%d\n", M, P[m]); About     #endif the } the  the intMain () { +Ios::sync_with_stdio (false); - #ifndef Online_judge theFreopen ("data.in","R", stdin);BayiFreopen ("Data.out","W", stdout); the     #endif the      - init (); -     intN; the      thescanf"%d", &n); theRep (I,1, n+1) thescanf"%d", &a[i]); -      the     intI, J, K; the     intSt, TMP; the     intMXS =1<< -;94      theMemset (DP,0x1f,sizeof(DP)); thememset (dp[0],0,sizeof(int)*N); the      for(i=1; i<=n; ++i) {98          for(j=0; j<mxs; ++j) { About              for(k=1; k<= -; ++k) { -                 if(J &Mask[k])101                     Continue;102TMP = dp[i-1][J] + ABS (a[i)-k);103St = J |Mask[k];104                 if(Dp[i][st] >tmp) { theDP[I][ST] =tmp;106PATH[I][ST] =K;107                 }108             }109         } the     }111      the     intMN =Int_max, V;113      the      for(j=0; j<mxs; ++j) { the         if(Dp[n][j] <mn) { theMN =Dp[n][j];117v =J;118         }119     } -     121 vi ans;122     123      for(I=n; i>0; --i) {124K =Path[i][v]; the ANS.PB (k);126V ^=Mask[k];127     } -     129      for(i=n-1; i>=0; --i) theprintf"%d", Ans[i]);131Putchar ('\ n'); the     133 #ifndef Online_judge134printf"Time =%d.\n", (int) clock ());135     #endif136     137     return 0;138}

"CF" 259 Div.1 B Little Pony and Harmony Chest

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