"Cloud Alert", "Salesforce Cloud Services" Makeover ", and will launch a new financial services cloud"

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2015-08-27 Zhang Xiaodong Oriental Cloud Insight

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Salesforce.com 's appearance and interface are about to be greatly upgraded, and the new interface is a big change for the user's original usage habits.

Salesforce introduction says: salesforce lighting

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the new interface design will be used first Enterprise or higher level version of the Sales Cloud product. It will then be updated on other Salesforce services, and the biggest advantage of Web-based app cloud services is that all users can get it the first time after a background update. Salesforce also launched a new service based on the Lighting interface: TheSalesforce Financial Services Cloud Preview.

The new look and feel is a loosely coupled design built on database technology, allowing customers to choose to use the new interface immediately, or to temporarily keep the old interface open, giving users more freedom.

The new interface and process design tools and design concepts are tightly integrated, Salesforce wants users to end up moving to the "Lighting" concept interface. This requires some extra effort from existing enterprise users, and while Salesforce has minimized the amount of work required to upgrade to the new interface, companies and businesses that have already done a lot of service customization still need to do some additional migration.

the new interface design can be applied to a variety of terminal platforms, including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Salesforce also released a new suite of tools to help users customize Lighting-based services called "Lightning Design Systems." The company provides a set of pre-built components to scale basic sales capabilities for building apps based on the Salesforce platform.

Since the founding of the 1999 Company,Salesforce has carried out a large and small interface adjustment, this time the new design is a very big change. The company has made reference to 150000 customer feedback to improve the interface design of the sales Cloud service, making it more efficient to sell and manage people.

the new The Sales Cloud home page provides as much information as possible to the salesperson, including the customer for the new project and a set of action recommendations to advance the relevant customer relationship. Salespeople can also launch e-mail, chat session tools, and open project files directly from the home page, making a big improvement in the overall efficiency of user operations.

The new interface takes advantage of the sales staff needed to work Pipeline for the core of the presentation, the sales personnel need to care about the key project summary information, the core project's next action plan, etc. have made clear hints.

Salesforce 's new Lighting interface will be available in the months to come , and users can now preview and try:http://www.lightningdesignsystem.com /, except Arabic and Hebrew, all other languages can be supported.

Salesforce 's Cloud financial services now also offers a preview of the service, which will be released in the next 2 months.

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"Cloud Alert", "Salesforce Cloud Services" Makeover ", and will launch a new financial services cloud"

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