"CSS3" (3rd edition) personal note of the 4~6 chapter

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1. In general, properties that affect the location of page elements are not inherited, Margin/padding/background-color/border
All the tags in 2.p,p*{},p and p
3. The most recent ancestor style wins, the style of the direct application wins, the style with high weight value wins, the inherited style weight is 0; The weight value is the same, the last defined style wins.
4. Pseudo-elements are treated as tag selectors, with weights of 1, pseudo-classes treated as class selectors, weights 10
5.!important rules for more specific styles win when all two have!important styles applied to the same attributes
6. To invalidate a partial style in an external style sheet, you can redefine it in an internal style sheet, define another external style sheet, and redefine it in the style sheet
7. Some h5 tags, such as header/footer/article, can be set in CSS reset Display:block;
8. When using Web fonts, it is best to put @font-face in the top of the style sheet so that the browser can start downloading them immediately
9.eot format can only be used in IE
10. The order of the fonts should be. Eot,.woff,.ttf and. svg
11. Support IE8 fonts, to add font type in font-family, such as Ptsansregular,font-style and font-weight are set to normal
12. Place the @import at the top of the external style sheet
13.font-size can use the keyword: xx-small,x-small,small,medium,large,x-large,xx-large
14.font-size:0.75rem, set to 0.75 times times the size based on the root element
15text-decoration:underline Blink;
16.text-show can set multiple shadows at the same time, separated by commas
17.text-indent when set to%, indents by width
18.font-size:62.5%, because 62.5% * 16px =10px;,suoyi 1.5em=15px, easy to calculate

"CSS3" (3rd edition) personal note of the 4~6 chapter

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