"EXCEL&VBA" VBA Object architecture

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VBA Object Architecture
Application Object--represents the entire Microsoft Excel application
Common Properties Common methods Common events
ActiveCell OnWindow Calculate Sheetactive
ActiveSheet Path ConvertFormula Sheetdeactive
ActiveWindow PathSeparator OnKey SheetFollowHyperlink
ActiveWorkbook Range InputBox Windowactive
AskToUpdateLinks Rows Run WindowDeactivate
Assistant ScreenUpdating WorkbookActivate
AutoRecover Selection WorkbookBeforeClose
Caption Sheets WorkbookOpen
Cells Showwindowsintaskbar
Charts Standardfont
Columns Standardfontsize
CommandBars StartupPath
CommandUnderlines StatusBar
Creator ThisCell
Cursor ThisWorkbook
DefaultFilePath UserControl
DefaultSaveFormat Workbooks
Displayformulabar Worksheets
Displayfullscreen DisplayScrollBars
Name DisplayStatusBar

Workbooks Collection Object--the collection of all workbook objects currently open
Property Method
Application Add
Count Close
Creator Open
Item OpenDatabase
Parent OpenText

Workbook object--microsoft Excel workbook
Property Method Event
Charts Active Activate
Codename Close BeforeClose
FullName Protect Open
fullnameurlencoded Protectsharing SheetActivate
HasPassword RunAutoMacros SheetDeactivate
Inactivelistbordervisible Save SheetFollowHyperlink
Password SaveAs WindowActivate
Path SaveCopyAs WindowDeactivate
ProtectStructure Unprotect
Protectwindows Add

Worksheets Collection Object--a collection of all worksheet objects in the specified or active workbook
Property Method
Application Add
Count Copy
HPageBreaks Delete
Item FillAcrossSheets
Parent Move
Visible PrintOut
VPageBreaks Select

Worksheet Object--a sheet
Property Method Event
Application Activate Activate
AutoFilter Calculate BeforeDoubleClick
AutoFilterMode ChartObjects BeforeRightClick
Cells CheckSpelling Calculate
Circularreference CircleInvalid Change
Codename Cleararrows Deactivate
Columns Copy FollowHyperlink
EnableSelection Delete Pivottableupdate
Hyperlinks Evaluate SelectionChange
Name Move
ProtectContents OLEObjects
Protection Paste
ProtectScenarios PasteSpecial
Range PivotTables
Rows Pivottableswizard
Scrollarea SaveAs
Type Select
Visible Unprotect

Range Collection Object-a cell, a row, a column, a selected area
Property Method Method
AddIndent Activate
Address AddComment FillUp
AddressLocal AdvancedFilter Find
AllowEdit ApplyNames FindNext
Application ApplyOutlineStyles FindPrevious
Areas AutoComplete Functionwizard
Borders AutoFill Goalseek
Cells AutoFilter Group
Characters AutoFit Insert
Column AutoFormat Justify
Columns AutoOutline Merge
ColumnWidth Borderaround Navigatearrow
Comment Calculate NoteText
Count CheckSpelling Parse
Creator Clear PasteSpecial
CurrentArray Clearcomments PrintOut
CurrentRegion ClearContents PrintPreview
Dependents ClearFormats RemoveSubtotal
DirectDependents ClearNotes Replace
Font ClearOutline Rowdifference
FormatConditions Cleardifferences Run
Formula Consolidate Select
Formulaarray Copy Setphonetic
FormulaHidden CopyFromRecordset Show
FormulaLabel CopyPicture ShowDependents
FormulaLocal Createnames ShowErrors
FormulaR1C1 CreatePublisher Showprecedents
FormulaR1C1Local Cut Sort
Height DataSeries SortSpecial
Name Delete Speak
Value DialogBox SpecialCells
Text Dirty Subscribeto
Row Editionoptions Subtotal
Rows FillDown Table
Range FillLeft TextToColumns
RowHeight FillRight UnMerge

"EXCEL&VBA" VBA Object architecture

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