"GitHub" uses GitHub to build your personal website

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This two-day use of GitHub set up their own personal homepage, the URL is hyman1994.com. Interested friends can visit, welcome your guidance and suggestions.

(Article source http://blog.csdn.net/u012422829/article/details/46285577)

Process Summary:

1. Sign up for your github account, called XXX

2. Create a library named XXX.github.io

3. I think it's a very important step:

Read a lot of blog said that after the library was built, just wait for the build on it, and then visit XXX.github.io to their homepage.

I waited for half a day to visit that Web site is 404, and then I think about it, try to add a file in this library, index.html, inside casually write a word, such as Hello World. Then, you can access it.

OK, the steps above are all about using GitHub's free space to store your own static pages. Since you want to make your own homepage, using a two-level domain name is too low right. So how do you tie it to your top-level domain?

4. You have to pay to rent a domain name first. It is recommended to use Dnspod. Then search for the domain name you want to register, if not registered, then congratulations to you as long as the money can be the domain name hug home. If you are registered, it doesn't matter, try again, or add a suffix.

Then you have to add the desired domain name to the shopping cart to pay the money, support Alipay payment.

5. With your own domain name, you can do the following:

First go to your domain Management page, click on your newly bought domain name, then click the Add Record button:

Here record type Select A.  The record value is set to the corresponding server IP. This is the IP of your GitHub home page. (Get the method: Open terminal, enter ping Xxx.github.io) to get.

6. To the library you created earlier, the XXX.github.io library, create a file called CNAME that contains the domain name you bought.

OK, all finished, any questions, welcome message.

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