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1. Network Configuration

1.1 Configuring a fixed IP for each machine

After the installation of CM, try not to modify the IP, cm in the installation will bind IP, modify IP will cause cm can not correctly identify the host.

1.2 Setting up automatic connection on boot

Graphical interface

or modify the configuration file


Change Onboot from No to Yes

Ifcfg-eth0 the corresponding NIC name

2. Modify host name (hostname)

2.1 Enter with root user, open terminal:

# vi/etc/sysconfig/network

2.2 To modify the host name:

My host address is


The remaining two units are

Cloud100 and Cloud101

The addresses were: and

2.3 Restart machine in effect

3. Turn off Linux

# Vi/etc/selinux/config

Change SELinux to Disabled, restart machine to take effect

4. User sudo feature settings

Set in the sudoers of etc

Added: Boco all= (All) Nopasswd:all

But be aware that there may not be permissions, I'll change the permissions here

Change to 744 permissions

Chmod 744 sudoers

Save it and change it back.

5, set the IP in the hosts

Etc/hosts inside

Let's modify the host

Two comments out of the front.

6. Configure the Yum source

6.1 Copying files

Delete the repo file that comes with the system in the/ETC/YUM.REPOS.D directory first

Will: Create a new file: Cloudera-manager.repo

Touch Cloudera-manager.repo

The contents of the file are:

BaseURL back is the folder inside your var/www/html.


Correct the second time you do it

Third Amendment


Name=cloudera Manager

BaseURL = Http://

Gpgcheck = 0

Fourth time correction


Files are copied to the/etc/yum.repos.d/directory of each host

SCP command: # SCP cloudera-* [email protected] target ip:/etc/yum.repos.d/

6.2 Verifying Yum

Clear Yum Cache

Update Yum

Show Yum

The corresponding XML is not found here, we want to find the corresponding folder, we do not care, received behind, after the 10th step, we come back to check


7. Turn off the firewall

Configuration file Boot off firewall

In the lc.local file below etc We write this script in handwritten

1) effective after reboot
Open: Chkconfig iptables on
OFF: Chkconfig iptables off

"Hadoop" 3, Hadoop installation Cloudera Manager (1)

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