"Java Micro Jobs" 51CTO Learning Summary

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"Java Micro Jobs" 51CTO Learning Summary
Through the six months of learning finally finished the course on time, through the course of learning oneself feel very fruitful, think of this six months to study time or some feeling, do a small summary.
First, the learning habits of the formation.
Learning is a coherent process and a thing that needs to be sustained. Java Micro-Jobs This course covers a wide range of topics that can be learned in the course of knowledge needed for a Java project. It takes a lot of work to learn when you want to get out in a specified period of time. My schedule during my studies is to watch one hours of video at noon, to study 2-3 hours in the evening, to use my leisure time to do exercises, to watch videos and do homework during the rest of the week of Saturday. Continuous study for a period of time slowly will develop a habit, can not learn a few days to rest for a few days, so that the learning of things will forget sometimes also produce weariness of emotion.
Second, master the law of the course of study
Course is the mode of customs clearance, in the beginning to learn a module, we should first look at the module as a whole is less to learn what, to do targeted. Can first look at the customs clearance work is what, when learning to have the purpose to want to have what knowledge. The last part of the third and fourth module video is actually the next module to use can be temporarily regardless. In learning the V module, some Linux system knowledge is needed to prepare the virtual machine in advance.
Third, learn to overcome difficult problems themselves
In doing homework and practice will certainly encounter a variety of their own knowledge and system reported errors, these can find a solution on the network. Sometimes ask a mentor he may not know what you are really in trouble. At this time it is best to go to Baidu and other search sites to find.
The above is a short summary, this course for a certain basis and want to learn the system is very helpful to people.

"Java Micro Jobs" 51CTO Learning Summary

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