"JBoss" JBoss directory structure

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JBoss can start Minimal,default and all in 3 ways by default. The number of modules in the three modes is incremented sequentially   For example: 1-Execute Jboss_home/bin/run.bat batch file to start JBoss, start with default of 2-run run-c All in the command, JBoss will start with the all Model 3-You can customize a server to suit your needs, such as building a test directory  run-c TEST&NBSP;JBOSS directory structure under Jboss_home/server jboss_home/ Bin:jboss executable Commands Jboss_home/client:jboss Client locks Use some of the common jar files Jboss_home/docs:jboss Some DTD documents, sample code and test documents jboss_home/ Some jar files used in Server:jboss server-side startup Jboss_home/server/default:jboss The default server jboss_home/server/default/conf: A directory that includes the configuration files for the JBoss default server jboss_home/server/default/data:jboss an embedded Hypersonec database that stores data jboss_home/server/default/ Deploy: Directory for deploying JBoss applications Jboss_home/server/default/lib: The jar file directory that will be loaded when the JBoss default server is started Jboss_home/server/default /log: Log file hosting JBoss default server Jboss_home/server/default/temp/deploy: In order to report the server every time it can be run stably, JBoss will build a buffer file for each application in this directory at runtime, and the runtime's program operation will not affect the module jboss_home/server/default/work in the directory: The working directory provided for the JBoss internal program  jboss Mbeanjboss is a system built on JMX technology, so using JMX technology to develop appropriate Mbean components can extend JBoss functionality, add new features 1-Create an Mbean interface, inherit servicembean,  Servicembean represents a service object in the form of an mbean that exists in JBossPublic Interface Xxxxmbean extends Servicembean  Public class Counter extends Servicembeansupport implements xxxxmbean{   public int get (int num) {                      .... name=new ObjectName ("Book.liuyong:service=counter"); string[] sig={"int"}; string[] args={new Integer (3)}; Object Result=server.invoke (name, "Add", OPARGS1,SIG1);               ....     } }2-packaged. SAR Write Jboss-service.xml configuration file to build Jboss=service.xml file, add <server> <mbean code= " Com.liuyongjmx.mbeans.counter.Counter "Name=" Book.liuyong:service=counter "></server>3- Package counter and Counterbean with Jboss-server.xml files as Counter.sar package 4-Deploy packages to Jboss_home/server/default/deploy

"JBoss" JBoss directory structure

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